What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 28, 2008

SOTU Part III: Live Blogging

OK, kids. I'm going to try this but I may get disgusted very quickly and need to stop. KEEP REFRESHING!

9:05: GOP Groupies trying to get their grope on

9:11 PM: Bush: Can't we all just get along?

9:13: Short Translation: Fuck those on welfare and the unemployed.

9:15: Class warfare

9:16: Yes, yes, it's the earmarks that cause all the problems, not the ginormous budget-busting War on Iraq.

9:20: Oh there they go again: we don't want your medical decisions made in the halls of Congress. Like insurance companies aren't the ones making life and death decisions.

9;21: Another shot of Kennedy and Obama.

9:23: TRADE: We're working towards the bottom. Our workers can compete with anyone (and we have the decling real wages to prove it).

9:25: Hesitant Rethug applause on new energy.

9:27: Did you ever think a Rethuglican Prez would talk Global Climate Change? It must really burn the flatearthers.

9:30: Brave stance coming out against cloning people. I bet he's against Soylent green too.

9:32: Throws New Orleans a bone. Doesn't dare say the K word.

9:35: Here we go: TERRA!

9:36: Whoever guessed 9:36 for the 1st mention of 9/11 wins the pool.

9:39: Iraq is just like Candy Land or was that Afghanistan?

9:42: "Iraqi Surges" Is this an ew mene new meme? Did I miss something?

9:43: Mentioned Bin Laden

9:44 "Al Qaeda is on the run in Iraq and this enemy will be defeated." There's that pesky question though of the CIVIL WAR there that has nothing to do with Al Qaeda.

9:47: 20,000 troops coming home, but any more withdrawls will be based on mitlitary...blah, blah, blah. OK, people. Listen up: We always knew that we'd have to withdrawl some troops in the Spring becuase we ain't got the friggin' manpower.

9:50: "We will not rest until the enemy has been defeated." Again, most of the "enemy" in Iraq is Iraqis.

9:52: Yes, George. If anyone can solve the Middle East it's you.

9:54 Jesus Christ! he mentions the LA terror plot AGAIN? he tried this one last time and it was universally DEBUNKED

9:59: Like anyone should believe anything Bush has to say on veterans

10:02: "Articles of Confederation"..."Gov. Morris"...'until they added "we the people"'..."trusting the people"...Good Lord! There has never been an Administration who has trusted the American people LESS.

"Let us set forth to do their business"

And that would be? Here's a handy list:
  • the emergence of the use of torture
  • secret prisons
  • indefinite detention
  • the denial of habeas corpus
  • warrantless eavesdropping
  • illegal domestic spying
  • the politicization of the administration of criminal justice and of civil rights
  • the claimed unilateral nullification of enacted legislation
  • the claim that the failure by the president to comply with Executive Orders amounts to a secret and unwritten revocation or revision of such orders
  • dictation of the terms of legislation by the president to Congress
  • dictation of the terms of appropriations bills (heretofore known as the "power of the purse" by the president to Congress
  • the declaration that federal judges are incompetent to rule on questions touching on "national security"
  • the refusal of the "unitary executive" to permit the other branches to test its claims of "executive privilege"
  • the refusal of the Justice Department to prosecute contempt of Congress charges against executive branch officials
  • the staggering increase in the frequency of use of the "state secrets" privilege to block access to the courts
  • the systematic suppression of scientific evidence regarding "administration" policies through the manipulation of administrative procedure

  • UPDATE: More on trusting the American people from Hunter at Daily Kos:

  • Over 60% of Americans want all troops out of Iraq withdrawn within one year.
  • 68% of Americans think the nation is on the wrong track.
  • 41% of Americans think that President Bush is "definitely worst than most" past presidents.
  • 69% of Americans think waterboarding is torture and at least 58% think it should not be allowed.
  • 57% of Americans believe that abortion should be legal in all or most cases.
  • At least 54% of Americans support civil unions for gay couples.
  • A majority of Americans want the government to fund stem cell research.
  • 57% of Americans oppose telecom immunity.

    Anonymous said...

    WOW Maria
    You are a bitter bitter woman. You're obvious bias prevents you from making any positive observations. Sad really

    Schmuck Shitrock said...

    Thanks for the rundown, Maria. I can't stands to watch or listen to the Commander Guy. Raises nausea.

    Besides, I had some well-written fiction to read.

    Bram Reichbaum said...

    Beginners luck. Good job you bitter bitter woman.

    C.H. said...

    Sorry, I had Bush's speach on tivo, so I just watched it.

    My opinion...

    Good job, Mr. Bush. I think he made some good points.

    By the way, I love how you guys have the daily kos as your source, which is nothing more than a smear site that rivals the extremism you'd hear on Hamas TV or Iranian hate-television.

    Long live the freedom of Iraq and Afghanistan. I hope all of us can put aside our political differences to keep helping them in their fight against the forces of terrorism, death, and destruction.

    Schmuck Shitrock said...

    A very pithy comment, C.H. Full of specific analysis and deep thought.

    Anonymous said...

    John K. says: Wow are you guys pissed that you aren't the President. But you can't get the votes. LMAO Bush wins! Did you see all those people crowding around him asking for his autograph. Democrats and Republicans. One announcer said he never saw anything like that before. He is the man!