What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 8, 2008

Why do you hate America?

Apparently not only would a Clinton/Obama presidency be a "surrender to terror," it would put "prosperity and peace" at stake.

So I guess that means that a Clinton/Obama presidency would mean that we'd have a large scale terrorist attack on our watch (after ignoring any and all warnings) in which we'd sit frozen like a deer caught in the headlights when it happened, be in the middle of two wars (one civil which has increased the number of terrorists), never capture Bin Laden on our watch, have nearly 4,000 troops die on our watch, create record deficits and start a recession.

Damn, I agree! A president who'd do that would not only be the biggest piece of shit, but would also pose a real danger to our country!

(File this under: IOKIYAR -- It's OK if you are Republican.)


Schmuck Shitrock said...

Personally, I hate America because it is populated by infidels who are the running dogs of imperialist capitalism. I hate their freedom. I hate the fact that all Americans are so happy and safe. I hate that they have deep intellectual cultural opportunities like watching "American Idol." I hate that American women show off their luscious enhanced breasts and long, shapely legs in public (and give blowjobs to politicians in private). I hate that Americans are all fat. I hate that all Americans are rich. I hate that Americans are respected, admired, and loved all over the world.

Now -- who's ready for some pie?

C.H. said...

There's little doubt that a clinton/obama presidency would do more harm than good in regards to the war on terror.

First of all, they have both suggested face-to-face meetings with Iranian leaders, an idea that is not only ignorant, it is dangerous.

I could just see it now, Ahmadinejad and Khamenei chortling in their beards as Clinton and/or Obama beg them to stop supporting militias in Iraq and cooperate with the west.

Anyone who believes that the mad mullahs of Tehran should be viewed as legitimate rulers is not fit to be president, especially when said mullahs continue to arm, support, and give refuge to terrorists.

infinonymous said...

So what you're saying, CH, is that the United States should not have overthrown a democratically elected government in Iran, should not have muddied the moral waters by engaging in Iran-Contra deals, should not have clarified our position engaging in torture, licking Saudi boots, attacking the wrong country, misleading the world, etc.?

You might have a point there.

But if you think that the "War On Terror" will improve by maintaining the policies and standard of execution we have witnessed for the past six or seven years, we must disagree.

Could someone remind me: When did the United States declare war?

Anonymous said...

Great Blog I always enjoy the commentary, it is very informative and entertaining.

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I saw the earthlab poll and it is obvious that people care but the candidates websites have so much other information it is hard to find what I need with out being preached at. Earthlab.com also has candidate information that’s pretty good: http://www.earthlab.com/articles/PresidentialCandidates.aspx . Does anyone know of another website to find this information? Any other good resources where we I can find out how my candidate votes?

jaywillie said...

Yes, we shouldn't meet with our enemies.

Richard Nixon - commie, pinko sell-out; met with Kruschev and Brezhnev

Ronald Reagan - what an un-American pussy the Gipper was; dated Gorbachev numerous times.

Seriously, these two far left loons hated America so much that they actually met with the leaders of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Of course, a nation with a standing army, navy and full nuclear capacity to match our own is by no means as serious a threat as a terrorist ogranization that blows themselves up, so Reagan and Tricky Dick acting like a couple of leftist salad-tossers was even worse - they sold us out to our enemies for less.


Anonymous said...

John K. says: I keep telling you, when you mention Reagan, that is Renaldo Magnus to you. Uh, exactly what are supposed to negotiate with the terrorists? What were we supposed to negotiate with Saddam about? Perhaps we could tell Bin laden that we agree to abandon Israel and force women to wear head scarves (Nancy Pelosi did this in Syria so we are almost there) and our men to grow beards (they itch). Reagan also walked out on the Soviet Union in Iceland. The left whined and moaned and proclaimed the end of the world. Renaldo Magnus then took the Soviet Union head on. Of course we saw where that lead us. To the left lionizing Gorbachev. LMAO Negotiate with terrorists. You lefties love to negotiate with street gangs and thugs. Which of course always leads to law abiding citizens losing more rights. The left and how they try to think. LMAO

C.H. said...

The soviet union and the Islamic republic of Iran are two VERY different enemies.

If you think we need to give legitimacy to the mullahs and meet face to face with them, then you should also be saying that we need to meet with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. After all, if we're going to meet with their sponsors, why not just go all the way out and set up a meeting with Ayman al-zawahiri and mullah omar.

Schmuck Shitrock said...

The soviet union and the Islamic republic of Iran are two VERY different enemies.

So very true, C.H. The Soviet Union was several orders of magnitude more dangerous than the disjointed rabble that comprises 21st century terrorism.

why not just go all the way out and set up a meeting with Ayman al-zawahiri and mullah omar.
Wow! You are really making sense today! About time you started using your noggin! Congratulations! If you keep making progress like this, we may someday welcome you into our loony leftist conspiracy to ruin America.

Joe said...

Too schmuck, i understand your anger at america. As an american, i'm ashamed out how ignorant and self-righteous we've become. Btw, admiration of america is actually envy and disgust. Culturally americas are in the stone age, we still deny our racism and irrationality, cant accept that other cultures are equal or respect them, and that other cultures have nothing to offer.

Too CH, am i to assume that killing humans is better than friendship. Have u ever heard the phrase 'turn the other cheek' or 'you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar'. Are the efforts of Gandhi and Martin Luther King a colossal waste. Why is it wrong to respect and acknowledge cultures other than your own? Consider why the mullahs may be funding terrorism. They hate the west for forcing ideals and disrespecting their beliefs. How does a small nation defend itself from a bully. If they have no reason too hate the west, would they still fund terrorism?

People have different concepts and ideas, that cant be changed. Instead of creating conflict, why not encourage a peaceful compromise to better all of humanity.