What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 21, 2008

Thanks for clarifying that, Mr. Rooney!

Because your initial statement sure did sound like you were giving the message that it was OK for a Steeler to smack around a woman as long as it was for Jesus.

(Alternative message here.)


Char said...

I'm kinda left speechless. In a city filled with too many idiots, spewing too many stupid statements .... This one rises right up there to the top.

Anonymous said...

Politicians letting me down is one thing. It happens all the time and I've learned to live with it. But the Rooney family?!? Oh Lord, is nothing sacred anymore? Is no one pure? Dummy.

- Shawn

Anonymous said...

Harrison = lots of money for team.

Wilson = not so much.

Rooney is a believer, worships the almighty dollar.

Stay classy Rooney!