What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 24, 2008

As Dayvoe said...

...Hillary's win on Tuesday wasn't really that significant or anything. I mean look how well Barack actually did in PA:

I imagaine he could have swept the state even better if he had outspent her 4 to 1 instead of 3.5 to 1!

(Map courtesy of The Washington Post.)


Anonymous said...

You'd see a similar map if you looked at the Rendell victory over Casey in the primary that gave him the Gubernatorial nod.

This is like the GOP argument. Gore the votes. Bush got more land.

The final margin of victory was actually 9.2 percent. Not double digits. Not the blowout she needed.

Don't stop believin'. Denial is bliss.

jaywillie said...

Crap! He won three less counties than Rendell...I just can't believe this.

What could this portend for the Fall?

Abso-frickin-lutely nothing...even less than that since it was a closed primary.

At least Obama competed in a state that she was always favored to win.

I suppose he could have played Hillary's game and dismiss PA as insignificant, like she has with all the states he's won - insignificant because of large African-American populations, insignificant because Obama was expected to win, etc.

But how did Clinton's win change the race?

It didn't. We're at the same place we were on April 21, except now Hillary has no chance to overtake him in pledged delegates. It's the same place we'll be on June 4th, after the last contest is held.

And if Obama receives the endorsement of just 43 more superdelegates, Hillary will have no chance at all to reach 2025.

So how does she win?

Clinton supporters are coy when it comes to this and like to rephrase the question around electable. The argument they make is that Obama is not electable, depsite their own candidate being viewed negatively and as untrustworthy by nearly 2/3 of Americans.

They're plan - trash Obama and then start a fight at the convention. The only way they can win is by dividing the party.

That will have an effect in November.

C.H. said...

The effect is that these people will be revealed as the incompetent buffoons they really are and voters will see that Mccain is the best choice for president. While these two are destroying one another, he is out offering solutions to solving the problems facing this country and more importantly, the world.

jaywillie said...

Let me just add something from the front page of DKos, since PA was so "pivotal" for Hillary -

from John Cole(http://www.balloon-juice.com/?p=10203)

"If Barack is such a bad candidate, and he is so unelectable, and it is such a bad idea to have him as the Democratic nominee, why can’t Hillary beat him?

Why is she behind him in every conceivable metric? Why is she behind in pledged delegates? Why is she behind in the popular vote (and don’t insult my intelligence by trying to pass that sheer nonsense the morons at certain pro-Clinton blogs are lapping up)? Why are super delegates flocking to Obama, while Hillary has picked up only a handful in the past few months. Why has she won fewer states? Why is she trumpeting her narrow delegate pickup in PA, when it is less than the number of net delegates Obama picked up in a variety of other states? Why is she behind in fund raising? Why was she unable to turn her double digit lead a year ago into any actual primary wins? Why, with her starting financial advantage and name recognition, was she held to a tie on Super Tuesday?

Why to those questions and a hundred more like them. If your candidate is so much better, why is Obama kicking her ass? Why?"

jaywillie said...


John McCain should thank his lucky stars that the Dem race is still going on, because otherwise he wouldn't get any press at all.

Honestly, it's pathetic that he can't play divided Dems more to his advantage.

What was that joke of a biography tour? If he has to introduce himself to the American people, after serving in the Senate for almost three decades, he's got some big problems.

And I'm sure Americans can't wait to have a president who openly admits he doesn't understand the economy. That bodes well.

But McCain has no solutions but to continue the same failed policies of the Republican party that have left this country in such a mess.

His tax plan? More tax cuts for the wealthy and corportions at the expense of hardworking Americans. To pay for his tax cuts, he'll have to cut spending across the board by 30% - that's less money to help our kids go to scholl, less money to help our parents and grandparents to pay for their healthcare and perscriptions, less money for our failing infrastructure.

Of course, McCain doesn't care if he can't pay for his tax cuts. Just like Bush.

His Iraq policy is no different than the President's. Too bad McCain, a veteran, doesn't support expanding the G.I. Bill to help all those soldiers doing the fighting for him.

Over these last 8 years, we've seen how well Republicans can "govern," if you can even call it that.

And John McCain's solutions are just "more of the same." At the end of the day, he's just your typical, incompetent Republican; out of touch and off his rocker.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Wow, useless.

You enjoy twisting knives? We enjoy twisting knives, too.

"Overall, men of all races represent 64 percent of the party’s superdelegates."

And guess what? They're all ELITES to boot!

Another poll (wish I could find it...) 60% of Americans find Hillary Clinton "untrustworthy". We wonder if that has anything to do with launching cheap, nonsensical attacks, and when she gets called on it, waving her hands and going "Oh well you know, that's what the Republicans are going to say, I'm just saying that's something that SOME people are going to be asking about, la la la I'm just saying!"

These sups are not voting for someone with such a high hatred quotient.

Jim Kiley said...

I sure am glad that I get one vote per square foot.

Anonymous said...

The Obama campaign say that they recorded a robo call with Judy O'Connor encouraging people to vote for Obama. Did the call actually go out? Does anyone know anyone who got it?

Maria said...

Despite some guy at ABC News FedExing me a recorder for my phone to tape any interesting robo calls, I may have been the only one in PA who didn't receive any. LOL

Eric W said...


Yeah, let's make McCain commander in chief of the armed forces. I mean, who wouldn't want a guy who can't tell Sunni from Shi'ite in charge of our military and foreign policy?

His economic solutions? More of Bush's failures. He's admitted to being clueless and will surround himself with the same dolts that are destroying the value of the dollar by printing money like there's no tomorrow and bailing out companies that ought to fail.

Anonymous said...

I did get a robo call from Michelle Obama, but that was the only one.

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor, misguided kooks: you don't even realize you are coronating a nominee, Obama, who has no chance of winning.

He is SUCH a liberal kook, he'll not garner any independent votes, and the blue-collar white middle class won't EVEN support him.

Can anyone say McGovern '72? Or, at the very least, Dukakis?

It's so pathetic, watching this train wreck, that I almost feel sorry for you. I can't even laugh about it (giggle) I mean, I WON"T revel in this (giggle) I mean, it's just too mean to laugh....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH omigod please stop HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no I'm okay HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA huhuhuhu whehw I'm okay...

Enjoy President McCain.

infinonymous said...

On the issues, Sen. McCain is tied -- with a steel chain -- to Bush, Iraq, and the corrosion of our government by incompetent, discredited, faith-addled Republicans.

On character, Sen. McCain's willingness to prostitute himself for political advantage knows no bounds -- he hugs the guy who slimed his family in South Carolina, begs for support from the likes of John Hagee, flip-flops on Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. In more personal moments, he calls his wife the worst possible anti-female slur in public.

McCain is three times the man Bush Jr. ever was or will be, but if McCain wanted to be president, he should have beaten Bush Jr. in 2000 and done our entire country a favor -- because either McCain or Gore would have been incalculably superior to Bush Jr. Republicans -- and McCain -- are now to be held accountable for Bush Jr., and I have no interest in hearing them whine about it.

Anyone who thinks Americans are registering to vote as Democrats in record numbers to arrange a third Bush Jr. term is welcome to fantasize about that. But in the reality-based world, the Democrat will be the strong favorite . . . and the Democrat will be Senator Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god I'm so tired of this. Hillary is going to hand McCain the nomination. Its just getting more and more bitter. Until yesterday I respected Hillary supporters and their right to support the candidate they thought most qualified, but I'm finding they are totally disrespectful to me and my candidate. I don't think I'm the only one. I am not sure I could bring myself to work for hillary or with hillary supporters in the fall. I might sit it out. And that is the death of all our hopes.

Eric W said...

Anonymous @ 8:02 PM,

McGovern? Dukakis? Who do we compare McCain to, then? More than 1/4 of Pennsylvania Republicans rejected him, even though he's already guaranteed the nomination. He's distrusted and disliked by much of his party's base. I thought I liked him in 2000, but he's spent the last 8 years kissing neocon ass. A vote for McCain is a vote for more weakening of the economy, more infringement of civil liberties, and more war. He may indeed win, but it won't be because he's truly a better candidate than Obama or Clinton.

Maria said...

"Until yesterday I respected Hillary supporters and their right to support the candidate they thought most qualified, but I'm finding they are totally disrespectful to me and my candidate."

Disrespectful in what way? Obama supporters have been coming here since before any endorsement by me and craping all over her. They routinely call Hillary a monster. They have emailed me privately to tell me that I've "lost all credibility" by supporting her. They have implied that white feminists are racists if they don't support Obama. So what happened, exactly, yesterday that hurt your feelings?

Anonymous said...


I feel so sorry for you. We elitist urban and inter-suburban dwellers have understood neither you nor your much victimized candidate.

To think that Hillary--Ms. Inevitability and advocate for all the racist, Bible-thumping, deer gutting, Islamo-fascist, wanna obliterate Iran, NRA card-carrying hicks--has had to suffer through the sophomoric efforts of Mr. Outa Touch Obama and us bamboozled minions of his must sadden and outrage you deeply.

We are now beginning to understand. You and Hillary know what America stands for. You and your candidate love America. You two will not let any self-loathing liberal snobs get in the way of the defense of American exceptionalism; Freedom on the March; an overcoming of the sissified wing of the Demokrat party; and a new lovefest with the Rupert Murdochs, Richard Mellon Scaifes and Rush Limbaughs of the world.

You are the new unifiers, the transcenders of unnecesarry differences and conflicts.

We progressives are passe, the real culprits, and political has beens who never really were.

I commend you for your courage and new patriotic vision. Please lead us on.

Maria said...

Here's a clue:

The Hillary supporters who you viciously stereotype and ridicule are the very same people who your candidate will need to count on should he win the nomination.

Way to support your candidate!

Maria said...

"...and a new lovefest with the Rupert Murdochs, Richard Mellon Scaifes and Rush Limbaughs of the world."

So, I guess Obama is no longer a Dem since he's going on FOX News this Sunday.