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April 18, 2008

Even More Numbers

From TPM:
Hillary Closes To Within Three Points In Gallup National Tracking Poll
By Greg Sargent - April 18, 2008, 1:42PM

Today's Gallup national tracking poll finds that the Democratic primary race has tightened, with Hillary closing to within three points -- a finding that the pollsters say provides indications that Wednesday's debate could be undermining Obama's support.

Gallup finds that Obama is leading Hillary 47%-44%, down from an 11 point lead earlier this week. Gallup adds that last night's interviewing is the first they did since the debate...


Anonymous said...

Newsweek has a poll that shows Senator Obama over Senator Clinton 54% to 35%.



Anonymous said...

More NAFTA news. Apparently what MacClean's reported about the campaign of Senator Clinton telling Ian Brodie (chief of staff for Stephen Harper, Canadian Prime Minister) to take what Senator Clinton was saying about NAFTA with a grain of salt -- is true.


Apparently, James Blanchard told the Canadians not to take Senator Clinton seriously.

Who is Mr. Blanchard? (From the link above--)

Blanchard, former Governor of Michigan, is a Michigan state co-chair of Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign, one of her major "HillRaiser" fundraisers, and served as US Ambassador to Canada during the administration of former President Bill Clinton.

The original MacClean's story about Ian Brodie's comments can be read at:


I don't know if Mr. Blanchard is speaking Senator Clinton's mind or not, but I DO know that Senator Clinton held Senator Obama responsible for Mr. Goulsbee's words (dubiously reported from a "leak"), an unpaid adviser who denied he made the statements reported.

Philip Shropshire said...

More National Contest News: Yeah, I can't wait for McCain's completely justified ads trumping Hillary's Clinton Bosnia Mission Impossible or ads about the 100 million lady who pimped off of her presidential tenure or ads telling black voters (and the majority of DNC voters) that their will was robbed when the Clintons made a backroom deal with the superdelegates....Correction: McCain wouldn't need ads for that last one. Hillary can't win without an enthusiastic black vote. Really now.