What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 29, 2008

McCain: He was against it before he was for it and was for it before he was against it!

As Dayvoe notes here, St. John McCain of the “Straight Talk Express” was against a German/Japan-style US occupation of Iraq before he was for it.

Hey, everyone can change their minds once in a while. It's not like there's a pattern, or anything:
  • McCain flip-flops on TORTURE

  • McCain flip-flops on the RECESSION

  • McCain flip-flops on the ECONOMY

  • McCain flip-flops on READ MY LIPS: NO NEW TAXES

  • McCain flip-flops on OVERTURNING ROE V. WADE

  • McCain flip-flops on PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING

    Anonymous said...

    John K. says: It is not like the conservatives are really concerned that McCain is called a flip flopper. I don't really care since he is not a conservative. So the entire flip flopping line falls on deaf ears among the right. But now Hillary, first she got shot at by snipers till she found out otherwise. LOL LOL The left is preaching to deaf ears on the flip flopping thing. LMAO

    Anonymous said...

    The Democrats are self-imploding.

    Barack cannot show enough leadership to 1) take on Rev. Wright and call the latter the pathetic egomaniac and resentful man he is; and 2) speak concretely enough about economic matters to assure hurting Americans he understands, will fight for, and can deliver for them.

    Hillary has positionned herself with the neocons in foreign policy matters, unnecesarily playing Doctress Strangelove with her recent Iran "nucear obliteration" comments and continuing a politics of fear w/ Bin Laden imagery in commercials. She is more hard-edged than her hands-off globilzation husband, but in a manner that will in the longterm only intensify world-conflict and undermine efforts for world peace and justice.

    She has also taken the ugly politics of personal destruction to new, otherwise inconceivable levels. It may win her the primaries, but it will lose the general election--even against the piece of shit candidate who is John McCain.

    I sadly confess that we have quite characteristically found more way to snatch defeat from the jaws of our seemingly assured victory.

    O Canada...

    Anonymous said...

    "O Canada..."


    White People love threatening to move to Canada. Just save your pennies - they won't carry up there as far as they used to, so you'll be needing more of them. :P

    - Shawn

    Anonymous said...

    you guys watch too much TV