What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 27, 2008

New DNC Ad

As they point out at Crooks And Liars:
The media rushed to McCain’s side to shower him with love and affection after he told an audience that he’d be happy to stay in Iraq for 100 years. He’s tried to say that American casulties are his bench mark. Well sir, how many Americans do you consider expendable in Iraq? And how many Iraqi’s should die in the process too. Not that they seem to matter in his mind. Heck, it’s only their country.

And John McCain says it would be "fine" with him for US troops to stay in Iraq for maybe 100 years.

Too bad a majority of Americans believe otherwise. According to some recent ABC/Washington Post polling data:

  • 63% believe that it was a mistake to sent troops to Iraq.
  • 64% don't believe the war was worth fighting for.
  • 57% don't believe the US is making significant progress in Iraq.
  • 56% believe that we should withdraw our military forces from Iraq in order to avoid further US casualties, even if it means civil order is not restored there.

All majorities. All Americans. All against continuing the slaughter of American troops in Iraq.

John McCain wants it to continue.


Anonymous said...

John K. says: One in 4 who say invasion of Iraq was a mistake back McCain.
One in 4 who disapprove of Bush back McCain.
9 out of 10 Republicans Back McCain
8 out of 10 Democrats back either Democrat.
There are more favourable poll numbers for McCain.
Point is, as usual, you only presented the part of the poll that agrees with you. But that part did make you feel good even if it is not reality.

Anonymous said...

And yet, McCain will still win.

I promise I won't laugh (giggle) this time no, really, I (giggle) won't (giggle) laugh at (giggle) you kooks...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH uhuhuh whew.

Enjoy President McCain

Anonymous said...

Tell ya' what, if you like McCain's numbers so much right now...wait until the campaign really starts. That's when the fun will begin. His negatives will rise like a comet once Hillary or Obama begin to run against him, rather than each other.

McCain is deeply damaged, a serious "flip-flopper," too old and too much like Bush to ever win the General.


jaywillie said...

Not really, John K., but I suppose you're allowed to your own delusions.

Some of the numbers you cite are correct, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that there are more favorable poll numbers fro McCain.

Despite a divided Democratic contest, he's not able to pull ahead of either Obama or Clinton. And every poll I've seen still gives a clear electoral advantage to Democrats.

Of course, the great folly here is trying to make general election projections based on polls being conducted now. Even Republican strategists agree that McCain will likely suffer from a significant bump in favor of the Democratic nominee once that contest is decided.

And there's been no serious effort mounted against McCain, as of yet and which this ad is the start of.

Democrats have raised far more than Republicans for this election cycle and, in time, that advantage will kick in. It will seriously hamper McCain in the Fall, a candidate who has already had to resort to violating the campaign finance laws he's so fond of mentioning.

McCain's campaign is going no where right now and he's already resorting to latching on to the most outlandish rightwing smears.

The more this campaign goes on, the more the American people will see the real John McCain - a vapid career politician who admits he doesn't understand the economy; a misguided neocon who will continue the same failed foreign policy as President Bush; a fraudulent Washington insider trying to pass himself as a reformer.

He's attempted to position himself as a modern day Barry Goldwater(the one we knew in the 80's and 90's who was repulsed by the increasing influence of religious fanatics within the Republican party), but John McCain is not really a maverick Senator who bucks the trend.

He played that angle when it worked for him, but when he lost in 2000 he morphed back into the McCain who had used his office to help Charles Keating. In fact, the entire myth of the maverick John McCain is largely a political fantasy fabricated following the Keating scandal to rehabilitate his career and distance him from the corruption and graft he was party to.

It was a convenient narrative that served him well, until he lost.

I do not know how serious McCain was when he considered joining the Democratic party a few years ago, before 2004, but it certainly shows he's willing to change his political stripes if it will assist him.

Like too many of our politicians, McCain shows a willingness to do or say whatever he has to in order to win, whether it means lying, violating the law or engage in the most base form of political discourse.

In the end, McCain will be doomed because he will attach himself to the insane rightwing attacks of the lunatic right but try to remain a "different" politician who runs a "civil" campaign. He wants it both ways.

But John McCain sold out a long time ago, proving that he is, at the end of the day, just a typical Republican - incompetent, corrupt and self-serving.

You'd have to be the kind of Republican/conservative that listens to an oxycontin junkie to seriously believe that the GOP's chances for this year have improved.

C.H. said...

Is John Mccain the best choice for president? You bet he is.

Yet another despicable attack ad against our efforts in Iraq has been employed by the democrats. I can't even describe how much it makes my blood boil every time I listen to this obsession over failure.

I love how the democrats go silent when there is impossible-to-deny good news coming out of Iraq, but jump at the opportunity to exploit the suffering of innocent Iraqis when the opportunity presents itself. Take the recent ISF operation against the Mehdi militia in Basrah for example. The whole time, all we could hear from the media and from the dems was about how it was destined to be a failure. It was almost as if they were rooting for Al-Sadr, because if the ISF prevailed, it would might prove that just MAYBE our efforts over there are succeeding. But since that could make president Bush look good, it had be shot down at all costs.

Well, from the looks out it, the ISF has gained ground against the Iranian surrogates who have held southern Iraq under siege for far too long. They are also continuing to stand up against the likes of Al-Sadr and his henchmen, who by the way, are in full-out panic over the operations.

So "Crooks and Liars" is concerned about what will happen to the Iraqi people if we continue to honor our commitment rebuilding their country? Really? Something tells me those people, and the many others like them, don't give a damn about the Iraqi people. The left and the so-called "antiwar" movement only use the deaths of innocent Iraqis for political advantage...and nothing more. For one thing, putting together a pathetic ad that is basically nothing more than a slide show of the destructive acts being carried out by the Al-Qaeda scumbags and other political terrorists who are determined to make Iraq a darker place proves that. It would be one thing if they were raising awareness about the enemy Iraq and its allies are up against, but that is not the case. They are calling on America to abandon Iraq, and leave it at the mercy of some of the most savage and evil people on the face of the earth.

Its time we stop making this a political issue in the presidential election, for it is far more than that. Our efforts in Iraq are about helping a brave people find their way to peace, stability, and democracy, not about approval ratings, poll numbers, and reelection.

C.H. said...

For those of you who are so anxious to compare Iraq to Vietnam, I suggest you check this story out. This is what happened after we decided to give up and "give peace a chance" in that region.

Let's not make the same tragic mistakes again.

Anonymous said...

thank you C.H. for the story. We have much to redeam ourselves. What makes a hero? the person who runs from a burning car and avoids beingn"involved", or the one who dies trying to save the innocents? Death is not the end. It is the beginning. How do you want to begin another life? As the coward who ran, or the dead man who took a risk?Sincerity

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Yep those are McCain's numbers. Someone in here has to present the entire picture. We know the left isn't going to do it. By the way, for the record, McCain is not a conservative and I am not in support of McCain although I probably will vote for him.