What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 21, 2008

Pics From Today's Clinton Rally in Pittsburgh

The Littlest Clinton Supporter at Hillary Pgh HQ
getting ready for the rally

We had the corners covered for blocks

Inside Market Square waiting for Hill and Bill

Bill Clinton takes the stage

Hillary makes her case

The long view

After the speeches --
Hillary is in here somewhere shaking hands

Post-Gazette video of the rally here and story here.

PG audio: Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker-Knoll felt slighted by the lack of an introduction at the Clinton rally today and let everyone know about it.


Chris said...

A whole lot of nice energy on the faces of the crowd. Anything that makes our lady Hillary happy makes me happy. She will always have a fighting chance.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

Hello I was a volunteer in Pittsburgh
and i loved looking at your pics of Bill and Hillary speaking at the Market. It was great being there.
A large group of us held signs and chanted support for Hillary . It was awesome. Im proud i was a part of it and i'm so greatful that we won Penn for her. KEEP ON FIGHTING HILLARY.