What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 16, 2008

Bush plays the Nazi Card against Obama/Democrats

From The New York Times:
JERUSALEM — President Bush used a speech to the Israeli Parliament on Thursday to liken those who would negotiate with “terrorists and radicals” to appeasers of the Nazis — a remark widely interpreted as a rebuke to Senator Barack Obama, who has advocated greater engagement with countries like Iran and Syria.
My thoughts on this:

1) Bonus points for playing the Nazi Card in Israel!
2) Considering that Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power, he should know a lot about nazis!
3) Bush is starting to sound like vintage Santorum!


Anonymous said...

John K. says: Is Bush running for any office?
Fact 1. Carter went to the Mideast and conferred with Hamas.
Fact 2. Hamas has stated they would prefer to see Obama as President.
Fact 3. Both Al Queda and Iran have stated they seek the total destruction of the State of Israel.
Fact 4. Obama has pledgd to sit with both Al Queda and Iran, without preconditions, and talk.
Conclusion. Obama has lots in common with Chamberlain.
Didn't work then, won't work now. Obama will not be allowed to sell the Jews as Chamberlain sold the Czechs. Despite what the left wants.

"Fair and Balanced" Dave said...

Bush is starting to sound like vintage Santorum

No wonder poor Barney the dog looks nervous!

cathcatz said...

it should be emphasized that dumbya's own robert gates AND condisleeza rice have both stated that it would be a good idea for the US to find a way to talk with it's "enemies".

should dumbya come home and fire the two of them? or indict them for treason??

ooh, that might be fun.

Joshua said...

If you can tell me where Obama said he would talk to Al-Qaeda, I'll give you a cookie. If not, then STFU, troll.

Heir to the Throne said...

Reminds of the people who supported Mike Nifong in the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax who now get outraged when you mention the case.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the party uniting against the jackass currently residing in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. down in Washington.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Hussein Obama talking to Al Queda? Have to go back to about Feb 22nd or 23rd in the Democrat debate. But you yourself heard yesterday Obama telling how he wants to talk to Iran without preconditions. As well as Carter confering with Hamas. I got you. LOL

jaywillie said...

John McCain also wanted to talk to Hamas, and then he sold out.

He recognized them in '06 as the democratically elected government, which they are.

And Obama NEVER said he would sit down with Al Qaeda.

Bush is a gutless little shit and an embarassment to our country. If he wants to say that, then he can come over here, on our soil and say it.

But he's a coward, a thug, nothing more than a two-bit bully who's only a few months away from being relegated to the dustbin of history.

He is a miserable failure on all accounts.

As for Iran, it'd be nice if people knew what they were talking about, but much like references to Chamberlain, these are just cheap shots and fearmongering(and not really historically correlative to today).

But if people understood how Iran's government works they know that Ahmedinijad(sp?) is little more than a figurehead w/o very much actual power. He's a blowhard and demogogue just like Bush. He shoots his mouth off, but he doesn't have any significant power w/in the government.

Afterall, Iranian Jews have lived peacefully and freely w/in Iran for centuries.

It helps if you actually know what you're talking about instead of mindlessly buying into the most outrageous rhetoric, no matter who it comes from.

BTW Mike Huckabee made a joke about Obama being shot today...

C.H. said...


Seriously, this is NOT news. Nancy Pelosi's trip to Syria to meet with Bashar Assad and Dennis Kucinich's condemnation of his country on Syrian hate television is far worse than anything the MSM can spin this into.

jaywillie said...


Pelosi was also accompanied by Republicans and what she did was no big deal - they met and talked. For some reason that scares conservatives.

I'm unfamiliar w/ what Kucinich said, but Kucinich is not the leader of the country and he wasn't speaking before an assembled foreign government. That's a huge difference.

If our President is so lowly that he can't help himself from taking a political cheapshot when he's acting in a diplomatic capacity, then he has no business leaving the fucking country.

But let's review some 20th century history:

First, conservatives like to think that "terrorists" are a greater threat than the Soviets. Yet during the Cold War, while the USSR and the USA had nuclear missiles pointed at each other, our leaders met repeatedly with the Soviets.

And you know what?

We solved a lot of issues.

Nixon also met with Mao, who was a butcher and a madman, yet it was a vitally important part of building relations with China and it worked!

Israel has met and negotiated with Egypt, Syria, Jordan...

Even Robert Gates and Condeleeza Rice support meeting with the Iranians.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: And of course we all know that Ted Kennedy's father was removed as ambassador to England because he was a NAZI sympathizer. And of course we know about FDR and the USS ST. Louis. Just to keep the record straight lefties.

Anonymous said...

Senator Obama has NEVER pledged to sit down with Al Quaeda. Instead, Senator Obama is the ONLY candidate who has pledged to go into Pakistan and GET Al Quaeda.


C.H. said...

Yes, Obama will go into Pakistan and get OBL. He better make sure he brings an Arabic translator with him though, how else will he communicate with the locals?


EdHeath said...

The only way Obama could try *less* hard than the current President to find Osama Bin Laden would be if he restricted his search to McKeesport.

Americans love to assume extreme views or accuse other people of them. I had a Social Studies teacher who would never buy a Volkswagon (despite his liberal outlook) because of the holocaust. That one actually makes sense, but plenty of politicians say they will never negotiate with terrorists or communists, right up to the moment they do. Remember, only Nixon could go to China.

Anonymous said...

John, how do you decide whether to post as John K or C.H.?