What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 23, 2008

Might as well ask why does the sun rise

. . . by lying once again and blaming City Council.

In an editorial today, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette states:
What isn't clear is just why Mayor Luke Ravenstahl ended up blaming council for the decision to forgo the banners.
We think it's moot at this point to wonder why Lil Mayor Luke would lie about a couple of banners when he's lied so very often on so very many things.

The Busman's Holiday has the emails here and here.

Much more can be found at The Burgh Report on the banners as well as on Lil Mayor Luke being (gasp!) forced to buy his own Penguins tickets (PittGirl all over this too).


Anonymous said...

you know, he's making some big flubs, I agree, but the more we tear our leaders down, the more we deminish ourselves. Listening to KDKA makes me sick. If the rest of the Nation didn't know see us as Hicks, they will now.
Another thought! If this is hat young men have to give us, what has Obama have to offer? Forgrt race or gender, go with experience and an ability to go head to toe with the establishment. I know one person who can do that. Hilary.

Anonymous said...

First post says: I gotta get this keyboard cleaned! Sorry about the lack of editing my stuff, had to clean the litterbox, let the dog out and start supper. But this blog comes first.

Anonymous said...

Dear 7:16 leaders diminish themselves. Mayor Opie is as corrupt as they come. He deminishes us all.

Anonymous said...

so there i was surrounded by scum. I comes in the room. I sits dahn. I look 'em in the eye, and I tell them all to go to hell....

Anonymous said...

Now, let me get this straight. The signs were dead on Saturday, right?

So the loonies in the mayor's office kept pushing for it after it is dead. Luke put the Penguins in the sh-t. Luke put the Council in the sh-t. Ok, what comes next?

See any trends that might help us predict Luke's next wonderful gaff. Well let's see. What have we got?

UPMC got into bed with them and Luke put them in the sh-t for the tax credit deal.

LAMAR got into bed with them, lavishing gifts and campaign money on Luke and Luke put them in the sh-t.

The Pens let Luke broker the Community Benefits Agreement suffered long and quietly in the sh-t throughout the Mayor's inept handling CBA deal Luke put the Pens in the sh-t.

Luke backed Motznik for Council President and Luke put Motznik in the sh-t (lol twice!)

Pat Ford and Alicia, Pittsburgh's new "power couple", thanks to Luke and then Luke put them in the sh-t!

Reebok comes (knock-knock) and Luke is "let's do it boys - we'll get that banner up!" and then Luke put Reebok in the sh-t.

The best is when he brought Concil in he forgot to tell them on Monday that the deal was dead cause they couldn't print the signs in time (Council provided a solution to a moot point). Then Luke put them in the shit too!

LOL I mean we should should find a way for the city government to be a tv reality show and at least the taxpayer can make a buck off of this situation comedy/reality show.

any way what next?

City voters embrace Luke with a big vote last year. My guess is Luke is going to put us all in the sh-t.

Ya gotta love this town.

Anonymous said...

Hey that is a trend!

Dennt Regan and Dick Skringer...in the you know what

the list is endless!

New Ravesthal campaign slogan:

You're in the sh-t with Ravenstahl!

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Come on Jim Burns. Take some pride here. Step up and take pride in your politicians and the City you Democrats have created. Mayor Luke the endorsed Democrat candidate.

Anonymous said...

According to the emails, Pat Dowd was the lone councilman opposing the signs. But yet Motznik went on KDKA Radio and pointed the finger at Shields ...
Hmmm, if you ever needed evidence as to which team Pat Dowd was on, you just got it.

Anonymous said...

Initially I gave Ravenstahl the benefit of the doubt. He's proven with every issue that he has poor judgement and its only getting worse. His inner circle looks like they make policy on the fly. The city needs an independent thinker, its evident that luke takes his marching orders from Ferlo and Onorato.

Onorato and company are quietly helping the City's debacle by the kool-aid they gave the Mayor. Onorato must have offered the Mayor something as Onorato needs to make city-county consolidation a hurry up issue, because Dan needs as many feathers in his cap to cover up the drink tax as he heads into a run for governor. Our ACE is enjoying the 4th street follies as it hides all his blemishes.

Anonymous said...

i meant fifth floor follies

Anonymous said...

Comparing Opie and Obama renders you an imbecile. A yinzer jock sniffing freebie whore vs. an educated intelligent charismatic historic figure.
Really. Don't ever post anywhere again. Seriously. That was really dumb.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Bear in mind liberals, this is not the end game for Ravenstahl. He has his sights on the Governorship, the US Senate or President. When he does run those races, I am certain you will be rallying to his defense as I remind you liberals of his faults. The very faults that you list here. Liberals always vote for liberals regardless of their behavior. The fun part will be watching you defend him and reading how you try to spin it by telling me how I am lying.

EdHeath said...

Actually we would be much better off if Ravenstahl took his marching orders from Onorato. I think he does listen to Onorato and ferlo sometimes, but clearly he acts on his own fairly often.

So, with all the additional tax revenue from the play off games and the coming Stanley cup games, couldn't the city do its own banners?

Anonymous said...

"Comparing Opie and Obama renders you an imbecile. A yinzer jock sniffing freebie whore vs. an educated intelligent charismatic historic figure.
Really. Don't ever post anywhere again. Seriously. That was really dumb"

Oh, I don't think so. I'm afraid you will find them very much alike. But I will not tell you to stop posting just because of your blind hatred. That attitude is what really keeps me from supporting Obama. His Supporters do not mirror his talk of "Uniting" so they must be voting on his youthful cuteness or just voting against the establishment because they can. Kind of like cutting off your nose to spite your face don't ya think?.

Anonymous said...

Funny what others believe are important. Scanning the 2 Pgh. Newspapers "letters" column for the last three days, I find no one is this upset about the Banner. Maybe sports are not the main concern for Americans right now. A nice distraction, yes, but not worth hanging our leaders out to such ridicule.

Anonymous said...

Well, I take that back about no one being concerned. Fred Hosman is trying to build up a lot of anger over it. Does anyone believe that Fred cares about the truth as he proclaims? he whores himself out to any local advertising, sits his fat, restructred ass at home, so he doesn't put gas in his car, or have to get downtown with the "common people" and then spews his hatred and venom anyway the wind blows

The Pens might pull out of this, but Fred is making money one way or another. And he has the audacity to tell everyone that Obama and Hilary are "in it for themselves"
Honsman sucks! Don't let him suck you in.