What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 16, 2008


In all the articles and opinion pieces rightfully condemning those in West Virginia who said that race was a factor in their decision to not vote for Sen. Obama, I don't recall this exit poll stat making much (any?) news:

About one in five Clinton voters said gender was an important factor in their vote. Nearly as many Obama voters said that.
Perhaps we'll see a skit this weekend on Saturday Night Live where an actor playing Barack Obama says, "My supporters are misogynists."

(No, I'm not holding my breath.)


"At least I'm not racist" Cartoon

"Misogyny I Won't Miss"


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Anonymous said...

Thank you Maria for posting access to this column. I read it and posted an excerpt but thought no one here would bother to read it. Weather you love, or dislike Hilary, it is absolutely wrong what is being done here in this "progressive" Country. America has a lot to overcome besides racism. Any man who refers to any woman so degradingly is not a "progressive" He is jealous and fearful.