What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 30, 2008

Around the Burghosphere

1) T&A bring teh funny:

You can view episode two here.

2) Agent Ska is back to blogging at her own place (she can also still be found at The Pittsburgh Women's Blogging Society).

3) DfP has photos from "The Goals We Share" potluck in the park.

4) Who wants to read Bob Mayo write about some boring old ethics news when you can read his review of the new X-Files movie instead?

5) While, not a blog, PennFUTURE is a great group that wants you to support Pittsburgh's Climate Action Plan. Go there RIGHT NOW and email Pittsburgh City Council RIGHT NOW -- there's a preliminary vote today!


1 comment:

John K. said...

John K: I want to know how Onorato and Ravenstahl et al get all those tickets to the Pirate games and why they get those nifty seats behind home plate. You can't tell me Ravenstahl, Onorato or his aids waited in line or the virtual waiting room for tickets to the Yankee game. I smell a rat. But then I didn't support those guys either because I smelled a rat.