What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 30, 2008

More On McCain's False Attack Ad

This time from the Washington Post. The headline of the piece puts it, shall we say, diplomatically:
McCain Charge Against Obama Lacks Evidence
Another way of saying it's false (i.e. a lie). The WaPost begins:
For four days, Sen. John McCain and his allies have accused Sen. Barack Obama of snubbing wounded soldiers by canceling a visit to a military hospital because he could not take reporters with him, despite no evidence that the charge is true.

The attacks are part of a newly aggressive McCain operation whose aim is to portray the Democratic presidential candidate as a craven politician more interested in his image than in ailing soldiers, a senior McCain adviser said. They come despite repeated pledges by the Republican that he will never question his rival's patriotism.
Note that last part. If we can't trust a candidate to keep his own pledge not to smear his oppo -- wait a minute, this is the guy who'd lie about his own POW experience in order to pander to Pennsylvania voters, so we can't expect much dignity from now on.

The WaPost has (lots) more:
The essence of McCain's allegation is that Obama planned to take a media entourage, including television cameras, to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany during his week-long foreign trip, and that he canceled the visit when he learned he could not do so. "I know that, according to reports, that he wanted to bring media people and cameras and his campaign staffers," McCain said Monday night on CNN's "Larry King Live."
A little bit down the page:
Asked repeatedly for the "reports," [McCain spokesman Tucker] Bounds provided three examples, none of which alleged that Obama had wanted to take members of the media to the hospital.
Caught in another lie.

Then there's this:
The McCain campaign has produced a television commercial that says that while in Germany, Obama "made time to go to the gym but canceled a visit with wounded troops. Seems the Pentagon wouldn't allow him to bring cameras." The commercial shows Obama shooting a basketball -- an event that happened earlier in the trip on a stopover in Kuwait, where the Democrat spoke to troops in a gym before grabbing a ball and taking a single shot. The military released the video footage.
Now THAT'S some chutzpah. The film the campaign they used was from the DoD!

Bottom line, there was never (NEVER) a plan to take the media to the hospital. Here's Obama himself:
"We got notice that [Gration] would be treated as a campaign person, and it would therefore be perceived as political because he had endorsed my candidacy but he wasn't on the Senate staff," Obama said. "That triggered then a concern that maybe our visit was going to be perceived as political, and the last thing that I want to do is have injured soldiers and the staff at these wonderful institutions having to sort through whether this is political or not, or get caught in the crossfire between campaigns."

Obama's explanation, which came after more than a day of controversy, was the clearest in noting that it was Pentagon concerns about Gration accompanying him to the hospital that forced Obama to reconsider and, ultimately, cancel the visit.
Of course this won't satisfy the wingnuts who still believe that Senator Obama:
  1. Is a secret Muslim
  2. Was sworn into office with a Koran
  3. Is connected to the Weather Underground
  4. Won't recite the pledge of allegience
  5. Refuses to wear a flag pin
  6. Isn't a Christian
  7. Isn't a US citizen
  8. Is married to a woman who hates America
  9. Isn't American enough.
There are still people who believe that the Earth is only a few thousand years old so we shouldn't be too surprised.


Eric W said...

"Won't recite the pledge of allegience"

Heck, I won't recite the pledge. It's a seriously creepy bit of fascist indoctrination. I will discourage my children from reciting it. I guess that makes me unpatriotic. ;)

The State giveth and the State taketh away. Blessed be the name of the State!


2shy2speak said...

thank you for keeping the perspective. I get so angry at friends and relatives that don't have a clue about what the gop is doing. Now I can just relax knowing that they are the same ones who belief the earth is a few thousand years old. remember not to argue with an idiot. People may not be able to tell you apart.

John K. said...

John K: OH but it is working. Why? Because no matter what Olbermouth lies about it is true. Obama did wave off a trip to visit wounded military members because he was afraid of what would happen. And this trip got Hussein Obama squat in the polls.
But this is typical liberal press. Can't use Obama's real name, Hussein, because it has a bad connotation. Can't mention that dad was a muslim. Eve though all those events as well as the wave off at the hospital are true. See how the left tries to control the spin.
But it ain't working. No it ain't working. It works when you poll 5 year olds and crack addicts but not likely voters. LMAO

John K. said...

John K: Eric, don't worry. This country doesn't care squat about you either. Call a member of the radical left the next time you need police help. Because police salute the flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance and you wouldn't stoop so low as to be associated with them.

Eric W said...

"Can't use Obama's real name, Hussein, because it has a bad connotation."

It shouldn't be used because it's irrelevant. The only reason to use it is to link him to Saddam Hussein. Can't mention that dad was a muslim. SH wasn't even in power when BO was born. By the way neocons insist on using BO's middle name you'd think it's Hitler, Stalin, or Khan. Of course, even it his middle was something like that, it'd be embarrassing, but certainly not an indicate of his political leanings.

"Can't mention that dad was a muslim."

You could mention it, but it's pretty irrelevant. It's not like he or his father are or ever were terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.

jaywillie said...

Unfortunately, for you, John K., that poll showing McCreep up has been revealed to be badly flawed.

You should take a course on statistics some time so that you actually know what you're talking about.

And no one's stopping you from using Obama's middle name - it's just that no one cares what his middle name is, no matter how much you wingers try to scare people with it.

Like Eric W. said about Obama's father - it's just not relevant. You only mention these things because in your unique backward way you probably are actually convinced that Obama is some kind of Manchurian candidate, secretly nurtured and brainwashed from birth to assist in the restoration of the Caliphate - remarkable that that didn't come up when he was getting his security clearances as a US Senator, don't ya think?

It doesn't matter if you actually believe it or if any winger believes it because the intent is to generate fear - All Republicans and conservatives have is the slim hope that they can scare enough voters into supporting them.

John McCain has clearly given up on talking about what he'd do as President; all he does is talk about Obama these days, usually in the form of outright lies, which is rather unbecoming of a man, who we are led to believe, possesses an honorable disposition.

He's been reduced to a mad, frothing little dog nipping at everyone's heels because he isn't getting the attention he thinks he deserves.

In future, McCain should run a better campaign or, at least, Republicans should select a competent candidate that doesn't go around proving that he really can fit his $500 Italian loafers in his mouth.

Heir to the Throne said...

He Cancelled -- That's All We Need to Know

dayvoe said...

Mein Herr;

Weren't you the one complaining about Maria's using TPM and Wikipedia as sources because they were "biased"?

Yes, you were.

Can't have it both ways, my friend. Can't complain about someone else's use of (to you) "biased sources" while you yourself do the same.

Unless you're going to claim that the National Review is completely unbiased.

In which case you'll be laughed at for a long long time.

John K. said...

John K: Uh Hussein Obama's dad is a muslim. That is a fact. Lefties don't like that being mentioned but there it is and I will be reminding you of it.

John K. said...

John K: I can read a poll. You lefties are using registered voters. These are anyone who happens to have registered. I use LIKELY VOTERS. There is a difference.
If only 50% of the registered voters in an election vote, then what do I care what registered voters have to say.
Now likely voters is way different. These are people who have voted on a regular basis in the past and will probably vote again. McCain leads in this. I WIN!

John K. said...

John K: Hey Jaywillie LOL LOL LOL There is no candidate named McCreep but there is one named Hussein Obama. LMAO

cathcatz said...

john, concentrate on the candidates. the rest is all smoke and mirrors.

Eric W said...

"Uh Hussein Obama's dad is a muslim. That is a fact."

Newsflash: Water is wet!


John K. said...

John K: There is no candidate named McCreep, yet that candidate can be critized. But there is in fact a candidate named Hussein Obama with a birth certificate highly suspect and a wife who does hate America and the liberals get angry when that truth is pointed out. LMAO I am winning better than I thought. LMAO And McCain should keep it up because it is working.

John K. said...

John K: Has anyone noticed that the left gets uspet when you shine the light of day on them by pointing out facts? It must just be me then, but I enjoy doing it.

Blue Number 2 said...

John K...is this the same father that Obama wrote a book about because he only met him once in his life?

Again we ask...what is the relevance?

cathcatz said...

how about we shine a light on the underbelly of the republican party? sen. stevens? tom delay, bill frist, larry craig, scooter libby, jack abramaoff...??? mark foley, ted haggard, bob allen...??

so much for the "moral majority"

D said...

I think John K has drunk a little too much Kool Aid this morning.


Let's take these in order. His name is Barack Hussein Obama. What is your point? You share the name of John with John Wayne Gacy, Elton John, and Olivia Newton-John. Does that make you either a serial killer, a flamingly gay piano pop artist with a penchant for sappy Disney themes, or an over-the-hill pop-princess from Down Under? Well, I certainly hope not. So why does BO's middle name matter in any sense other than the fact that his father was an African Muslim? That's right, it doesn't. You are only using it to create fear and antipathy because of its not-so-vieled reference to a shitty third world dictator which we helped bring to power then propped up and provided WMD and conventional weapons for the better part of 30 years.

Next, I would like to see proof of BO's birth certificate being questionable in any way, shape, or form. Please provide proof, and I don't mean talking points from El Dumb-ass-bo or Hannity or Coultergeist.

As far as his wife is concerned, please provide proof that she hates America. If you are referring to the time that she said that for the first time in her adult life she is really proud of her country, then you are simply misrepresenting her sentiments. Hell, I am 32, and I am STILL not really proud of my country, especially seeing how we keep doing the same things that have been proven wrong and hurtful and illegal and immoral. Do I hate my country? Hell no. But I am mature enough to admit that I am HIGHLY disappointed in it.

The problem with you, John K is that you believe that anything less than glowing praise and quasi-religios references to Old Glory are the only way to be patriotic. And for that, you are a moron. The only true way to be patriotic is to truthfully admit our faults as a nation, and then work like hell to improve them. Period.

And no, no one here is angry. More than anything, we are pitying your obviously twisted and borderline retarded commentary. It's obviously the product of an intellectually undeveloped mind.

I have no problems debating issues with someone who can actually hold a rational and reasonable debate. You, sir, are not one of those people.

Eric W said...

I can't speak for anyone else, but I choose to bang my head on the brick wall that is John K's ignorance because I'm too idealistic for my own good, because I insist on giving people benefit of the doubt regarding their sincerity, and because I'm fascinated, in a train wreck sort of way, by someone who really seems to believe the BS pouring out of DC.

John K. said...

John K: Well let's take a look at patriotism. Here is Eric who won't wear a flag pin nor give the Pledge of Allegiance. Must rankle him to attend a baseball game and see all those folks standing and some with hands over their hearts.
But I would advise you left wingers who have no idea of what patriotism is to attend a Citzenship Ceremony at the court house. Here all those LEGAL immigrants, who had to pay money to get here, then take a test, saying the Pledge of Allegiance with pride. Waving flags and all that stuff.
And you left wingers think you know what patriotism is? Your definition is to find everything wrong with America and run it on Olbermouth so you can be cool.
My thoughts on folks like you are why don't you go to say Zimbabwe or Sudan and try that stuff. Walk down the street bad mouthing the govt and see how far you get.
So you ought to think about a LEGAL immigrant who spend so much capital to say that Pledge of Allegiance and wave that flag and wonder what is wrong with you.
I know where I stand, the problem is you left wing kooks have no idea of what you are. But you Eric are a liberal. Thru and thru.

m dachshund said...

I bet John K. gets a special chill up his leg at said baseball game, patriotically pledging his allegiance to his country in front of so, so many other people.

He probably secretly wears his Captain America Underoos for the occasion. A word of advice, John: we have public indecency laws. Next time, stick to your tidy whities and just order freedom fries instead.

Blue Number 2 said...

John K. writes "My thoughts on folks like you are why don't you go to say Zimbabwe or Sudan and try that stuff. Walk down the street bad mouthing the govt and see how far you get."

So...you are proud of the fact that this country allows you to do this. You are patriotic about this fact.

Yet, you demean anyone who actually tries to point out things that are wrong and their solutions to fix it.

How do you justify both thoughts??

John K. said...

John K: Freedom fires, yummmmm. And yah it does feel good to stand there in PNC Park and see the vets with their hand over their hearts and all the folks standing. Just like it does to watch Old Glory being marched down the street with a color guard.
Problem with you lefties you hate America so much you can't do that and criticize America at the same time. With you folks its all criticize and hate. So yah, try that in Zimbabwe or even Mexico.
Remember LEGAL immigrants do not for a second take that Pledge for granted.

Eric W said...

When my uncle was a teen, he did one of those wilderness adventure trips, in which you're taught how to provide for yourself and sent in the woods for a couple days - alone - to just that. He sucked at fishing and was too paranoid to eat any wild berries. By the time he came back to base camp, he was starving. He was willing to eat anything he could get his hands on. IIRC, ended up eating a pickle and sardine sandwich or something similarly vile. The moral of the story? When you're starving, fine distinctions don't matter.

I have tons of respect for legal immigrants. In fact, the hard work, time, and money legal immigrants invest into becoming Americans form much of the basis for my annoyance with illegal immigrants. Many have come from countries with oppressive governments and/or struggling economies. To them, American is the perfect land of opportunity they've been told it is. Compared to their countries of origin, it certainly seems to be.

Legal immigrants salute the flag and recite the pledge like my uncle ate that disgusting sandwich. America's a hell of a lot better than a lot of places, and thanks to its well-written constitution I believe it has the potential to be great. However, it's certainly not perfect, and even if it was we shouldn't turn patriotism into a religion. I don't salute flags, wear flags pins/clothing, watch parades, recite the pledge, or support every war we fight. I'm a patriot, though, and I express that by doing my small part to protect the Constitution and the free, peaceful, and prosperous country it makes possible from those who attack or weaken it. A flag is just a symbol, and right now it stands for theft of civil rights at home and imperialistic foreign policy abroad. If I had a flag, I'd fly it upside down, because this nation is in distress.

"'My country, right or wrong,' is a thing that no patriot would think of saying except in a desperate case. It is like saying, 'My mother, drunk or sober.'" - G.K. Chesterton

P.S. Yes, I'm a liberal - a classical. "Libertarian" and "liberal" come from the same Latin root word for freedom. I'm not ashamed to support freedom. However, modern liberals, for whom you have so much contempt, have much less in common with classical liberals than they do with socialists. I'm no socialist. In case you haven't noticed, I don't trust the government with very much authority. ;)

cathcatz said...

eric- alot of us librals don't trust the federal government's ability to handle most matters, either! i guess maybe the distinction is that we feel better about one NOT controlled by these bumbling idiots.

Eric W said...

"eric- alot of us librals don't trust the federal government's ability to handle most matters, either! i guess maybe the distinction is that we feel better about one NOT controlled by these bumbling idiots."

The problem is that however benevolent the next ruling class is, they won't be in power forever. Politicians, lobbyists, and activists are often too short-sighted. They want to take away the powers that they don't trust the government with, which is good, but they turn around and fight to give the powers they do trust the government with. The trouble with this is that the next rulers are likely to use and misuse those powers in ways never intended by their proponents. Bush didn't acquire his powers on his own. He had lots of help from preceding power-hungry presidents and malevolent, impotent, or slothful legislators of both parties. The ruling parties do not differ much on how powerful government should be; they more often differ on which intrusive powers it should wield.

"A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take from you everything you have." - Gerald Ford