What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 7, 2008

For Your Listening Pleasure

A Few words from Mr Randy Newman:

The lyrics are here.

He begins with:

I’d like to say a few words
In defense of our country
Whose people aren’t bad nor are they mean
Now the leaders we have
While they’re the worst that we’ve had
Are hardly the worst this poor world has seen.
And ends with:

You know it pisses me off a little
That this Supreme Court is gonna outlive me
A couple of young Italian fellas and a brother on the Court now too
But I defy you, anywhere in the world
To find me two Italians as tightass as the two Italians we got

And as for the brother
Well, Pluto’s not a planet anymore either

The end of an empire is messy at best
And this empire is ending
Like all the rest
Like the Spanish Armada adrift on the sea
We’re adrift in the land of the brave
And the home of the free

Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.

Happy Thursday!


John K. said...

John K: Psychiatrists thank their lucky stars for liberals. What a depressed bunch. Seek help and cheer up.

Sherry said...

love the song!

John K. said...

John K: You lefties should like this song. It reflects liberalism. The US is a terrible place, everything is rotten and only govt can fix it. Which is why liberals are depressing people to be around. Which is also why I am needed more than ever. So many liberals, so little time.

m dachshund said...


Next time we unjustly bomb a nation, I'll be sure to put on L. Greenwood's "Proud to be an American."

Infinonymous said...

Conservatives think the U.S.A. is a terrible place. They believe Americans are immoral butchers with respect to abortion. They believe Americans are ugly racists with respect to affirmative action. They believe Americans are bigots because we won't let public schools indoctrinate children through official prayers. They think Americans are thieves and saps for supporting Social Security and a progressive income tax. They think America is weak and stupid for rejecting torture and warrantless surveillance and for insisting on the writ of habeus corpus. They think Americans are idiots for rejecting Bush Jr. and for failing to bomb Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and France.

Come to think of it, conservatives HATE America. Why?

Sherry said...

for those reasons and others, i've wondered too.

Kim said...

I never knew that letting liberty, rather than one man rule, reign was "liberal." I have a feeling that if Edmund Burke were still alive, or any of our founding fathers, they would disagree.

Yet, if John K. and other so-called conservatives, think an imperial presidency is preferable to our Constitution, I suppose that is their right. They can embrace the unitary theory of the executive and the imperial presidency right up until the moment comes when a President enters office whose "whim" disagrees with their own.


Personally, I think the imperial presidency and the unitary theory of the executive imperil our liberties, our freedoms and our very way of life.

That is one of the many, many reasons why this erstwhile Republican will be voting for Senator Barack Obama.

I believe that Article I of our Constitution should be taken out of the trashcan in which our current President threw it. If that makes me a "liberal" to you, so be it. Once upon a time, a conservative believed in upholding our institutions-- obviously, that day is no more. I won't argue the semantics with you. If you want to change the meaning of clear, good, English words, that too is your right.

This is also one of the many, many reasons why I have left the rubber-stamp GOP and joined the Democratic Party.

Will Rogers once said "I don't belong to an organized political party. I am a Democrat."

Thank Goodness, our Country still gives birth to people who think for themselves, even if that does sometimes make for less stability and party rubber-stamping.

Freedom is chaotic. Yet, to paraphrase Winston Churchill-- our form of government may be the worst form ever created, except for every other kind of government humans ever imagined.


John K. said...

John K: Liberals, what are you going to do. They hate America and think everywhere is great but here.

John K. said...

John K: Okay let's correct the record. Congress voted to bomb Iraq. And history has proved us right. Sen. Clinton voted for that bombing by the way. Her bubba bombed the Sudan. An aspirin factory. And her hubby bombed Afghanistan without a declaration of anything.
Where do you get this idea of one man rule. (Note, the orginal author did not mention one woman rule. LOL LOL LOL ) Congress makes the laws. Wish congress would make a rule to drill for oil but they won't.
As for that Art 1 of the Constitution. How about all the Constitution? To include the 2nd and 9th amendment. Oh, liberals hate those provisions.
So get real. You hate America. You think everyone who doesn't think like you are (fill in the blank) and you alone are our saviors. With all your depression. LMAO LMAO Just admit it lefties, You hate yourself. except for Jaywillie, he also hates old people.