What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 30, 2008


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Early Returns blog will not only live blog Thursday's VP nominee debate, they've also invited a galaxy of the Burghosphere's star political bloggers to join in on the fun. So far both Dayvoe and I and The Burgher and Bram and Schultz and whatever Conservatives they can scrounge up in this overwhelmingly Democratic town will be participating (full list of luminaries TBA at a later date).

And, the best thing about it is that we get to participate from the comfort of our own homes (or the undisclosed location of our choosing) so expect lots of Cheeto dust on our keyboards and malice towards all!

While McNulty is busy getting to know us a little better, he initially pictured us as the crew of the Love Boat:

Since I just can't see myself as any of those cast members, I have taken it upon myself to plumb the depths of the Love Boat Guest Star List to find someone to portray me. I've chosen four from that vast list and ask you to vote in Comments on who should win the role:

1) Eve Arden

Julie Newmar

Andy Warhol

Jo Anne Worley
Cast your vote NOW!


Bob said...

Cheetos are Republican.

Clyde Wynant said...

Eve Arden, definitely!

She was smart and sassy and didn't take guff from anyone!

Best role? Probably in "Mildred Pierce," where she played the wise-cracking friend to Joan Crawford...


ps: Looking forward to this. I'm think it might be the funniest/scariest thing on TV Thursday....sort of a "bizzaro" debate....

Schultz said...

Maria! Thank you for the shout out, but you butchered my last name! Maybe that was payback from the primary? ;)

Maria said...


A typo I assure you. If it had been anything more, I also would not have added you to our blogroll right before I put up this post.

Maria said...


I forgot she was in "Mildred Pierce," but then again, I haven't seen that movie in a very long time.

Years ago I had a roommate who was a bit of a film buff and she introduced me to a whole lot of great woman-driven movies (many of them I guess would be derided as "weepies"). We'd rent Stella Dallas, The Women, The Heiress, All About Eve, Imitation of Life, etc.

That was when we weren't renting horror flicks or doing a Godfather marathon.

Sherry said...

eve arden!

Clyde Wynant said...

Maria -

That list of movies is absolutely spot on. Some of the best ever! And while there were/are known as "women's films," they are anything but. You could add "Now Voyager" in there, too...