What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 14, 2008

McCain Lies About Little Stuff, Too!

We all know the McCain campaign has been lying about Governor Sarah Palin's record in Alaska for some time now.

Now they're lying about how many people show up for events.

Take a look:
Nevada Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki said on stage that 10,000 people were in the crowd, but parks officials said the pavilion held only 3,500 people.
I know the Republicans are good at fudging numbers (votes in Florida, barrels of oil in ANWR, budgets everywhere) but how, exactly, do you fit 10,000 people into a space that holds only 3,500?

And how stupid do they think the rest of us are?  And how stupid are they to think that no one would notice?


John K. said...

John K: Oh I don't know. About as dumb as Democrats expecting us to believe 200,000 people showed up in Germany to hear Obama.

John K. said...

John K: Or even as dumb as liberals to think that 1 million men actually showed up at the 1 million man march. Obama was there. LOL

EdHeath said...

Democrats like the Wall Street Journal lie about the crowd size in Germany.

But forget that, I take it you agree with David, that the Republican Lt Governor of Nevada lied about the crowd size, for whatever reason? Staying on topic, and all.

Anonymous said...

A sure sign of a moral coward trying to deflect from the issue at hand: change the subject.

What are you, John, five? You're using the rationalizations of a child - he did it so I can do it too.

I thought conservatives like you were supposed to be the standard bearers of morality and ethics? I thought conservatives approached morality and ethics with a clear-cut devotion to both, since they're always telling us how immoral everyone else is.

To see you embrace moral relativism is a pretty sure indication that conservatives are full of it and just want power. And they'll do and say whatever they have to to get their hands on it. That is abundantly clear from your moral hedging and the McCain campaign's dedication to lying.

Now, of course, the numbers from the Berlin speech were provided by the German government. And the numbers for the Million Man March were provided by the National Parks Service.

John, despite his glib self-satisfaction, has only further proved that it is the McCain campaign that is actively lying about something compeletly trivial, which further shows just how low they will sink and how little respect they have for voters.

And for those keeping score at home, Sarah "How can she stand up to Al Qaeda if she's afraid of the press" Palin has now told the LIE about the Bridge to Nowhere at least 9 times since it has been PROVEN she supported it before she was against it(and even when she was against it, she still kept the money).

As someone who once respected McCain, it's really sad to see himself sell-out so wholeheartedly to the scum and wretched denizens that constitute the Rightwing Freak Machine.

He's a pathetic shadow of his former self, who actually had the balls to stand up to the fringe elements of the Republican Party.

Not today. He's sold out his honor and dedicated himself to running the sleaziest, most disgusting, lying campaign in modern Presidential politics.

That wingers like John openly embrace this is simply a testament to the moral decay that is eating the Republican Party from the inside out. That they so enthusiastically embrace lying is just another indication of how low they will sunk in order to win.

Be a man, John K., and stop equivocating. If you're too much of a moral coward to call out McCain's lies, keep your mouth shut.