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September 19, 2008

McCain Loses Another One

This time it's Elizabeth Drew, author of Citizen McCain.  This piece at The Polico begins like this:
I have been a longtime admirer of John McCain. During the 2000 Republican presidential primaries I publicly defended McCain against the pro-Bush Republicans’ whisper campaign that he was too unstable to be president (aware though I was that he had a temper). Two years later I published a positive book about him, “Citizen McCain.”

I admired John McCain as a man of principle and honor. He had become emblematic of someone who spoke his mind, voted his conscience, and demonstrated courage in bucking his own party and fighting for what he believed in. He gained a well-deserved reputation as a maverick. He was seen as taking principled positions on such issues as tax equity (opposing the newly elected Bush’s tax cut), fighting political corruption, and, later, taking on the Bush administration on torture. He came off as a man of decency. He took political risks.
And after McCain's political "adaptations" to his positions on campaign finance reform and torture and even a reference to McCain's flirtation with switching parties, she ends the piece with this:
McCain’s recent conduct of his campaign – his willingness to lie repeatedly (including in his acceptance speech) and to play Russian roulette with the vice-presidency, in order to fulfill his long-held ambition – has reinforced my earlier, and growing, sense that John McCain is not a principled man.

In fact, it’s not clear who he is.

And that's a former admirer!  Sad, really.


EdHeath said...

The thing is, real Americans don't care. Some arugula eating pointy headed professor type declares she worships at the alter of Obama, what a surprise and who cares? Real Americans know in their gut that vetoing appropriations …er, earmarks and invading Iran will fix everything. Then that internets and our cable won't be so complicated and doctors will have to start charging McDonald's prices (or at least what McDonald's used to charge, they've gotten so expensive recently). Because McCain will finally get his due, his Presidency. And all will be right in the world (‘cause if it isn’t, we’ll send marines to pacify your ass … we’re looking at you, Zapatero).

John K. said...

John K: Those real Americans who cling to guns and bibles? LOL Big deal, another left wing loon who had no intention of voting for McCain in the first place.

Bob said...

John K., why are you so fucked up? Did you not breast feed? Or did you forget to stop? Get a life. LOL LOL!

DeannaHawk said...

What I love: someone who can own when they are wrong about something.

Bob said...

Because the economy is neglected on this blog, I'll throw in some important stuff.
We, the US, very narrowly missed another Great Depression this week. Seriously. No exaggeration.
The government just bailed out Lehman Brothers and AIG.
The gov has paid $900 Billion (with a B) in bailouts caused by the mortgage crisis.
Bear Sterns was already bought-out by another company (a couple months ago).
AIG was removed from the Dow Industrials on Wed, replaced by Kraft. (AIG hit a low of 1.25, in the past year it was 70.)
Goldman Sachs hit $86 off from $250!
Lenders really fucked America this time.
Dumbass Fed was worried about inflation.

John K. said...

John K: Dumbass Obama/Dodd were worried about campaign contributions. Bush was worried about the economy. Ralph Bernanke is one of the most knowledgable economists in this country on the Great Depression. He knew exactly what he was doing. And he did it. And once again the management experience of Bush came into play. He appointed him as Chairman to the Fed knowing full well what to expect. Now Hussein Obama and Dodd and Hillary all got campaign contributions from Fannie Mae. Gee, imagine that. Dodd got campaign money from Countrywide but has no knowledge of it. Oh my! And of course the left loves Greenspan. Maybe it is the Andrea Mitchell thing. And Greenspan kept that money lose to allow those subprimes to flourish. And of course we can't forget Carter/Clinton and Cuomo and the Community Revitilization Act. A law that clearly benefited Democrat voters. So thank God Bush used his management skills that he acquired with his MBA and put the right guy, Bernanke, in at the right time. You left wingers would still be listening to Dodd. Dodd did have oversight or is that something he forget also. Don't worry liberals, taking responsiblity for your actions is an anathema to your psyche. Just elect Hussein Obama so he can help the left seek revenge and blame it all on Bush/Rove while we sink in the mire. LMAO

EdHeath said...

"Ralph" Bernake? So Bush put the right guy, "Ralph" in at the right time? Just in time for Lehman Brothers to sink in the mire, after being around for 164 years (or are you saying Henry Paulson is not a team player). And which one is giving money, Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac or Countrywide? Of course, they're all only giving money to Democrats, because the mortgage companies are too dumb to see that the Republicans help them while the Democrats try to rape them and steal all their money to give to the homeless.
The Democrats use that damn “Community Revitilization Act. A law that clearly benefited Democrat voters.” (the Community Restoration and Revitalization Act was passed in 2007, to restore and rehabilitate the nation’s vacant and underutilized historic buildings Damn them. Good thing the Republicans had the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 on their side, to counter the frivolous rehabilitation of Mount Vernon and Monticello.

John K. if you want to make a point, why do you resort to name calling? And why don't you at least do a little fact checking, just to get the names right? I mean, ok, the surge worked in a limited context. But Bush had seven and a half years to watch the housing bubble grow, to watch people make increasingly risky investments in houses (both rich and poor people), and watch the banks package those rishy mortgages into funds that other people bought. Sure everyone made money, and spent it on big, every more houses they bought with more subprime loans, and now that the house of cards has crashed down, bush wants to protect rich people like CEO's while letting the poor neighborhoods of Cleveland go vacant. He had seven and a years to react, but didn't until Bear Stearns threatened to go belly up.

John K. said...

John K: Ed Heath glad you brought up Lehman's Brothers. Have you checked their campaign contributions. Lots of money going to Dodd and Obama. LMAO And who gave Lehman's cover, why Dodd himself. LOL

John K. said...

John K: Why do I resort to name calling, oh I don't know, maybe because I can handle the heat. And also in response to that previous post. LMAO LMAO LMAO But hey, using Hussein Obama's given name is name calling according to you left wing loons. LOL

EdHeath said...

So if Lehman Brothers hadn't given money to Democrats... what? They would have survived?

And Hussein Obama's given name is Barack.

And Bernake's name is Ben.


John K. said...

John K: No, Obama's given name is Hussein. LMAO It is funny how you left wingers even try to rewrite his fake birth certificate. And yah Lehman Brothers gave campaign contributions to the Democrats almost exclusively in the future hope that the Govt would bail them out. They fully supported the Bear-Sterns bailout thinking when their turn came they would get the same. And Dodd/Obama were huge recipients of those campaign contributions. You ought to listen to real radio more, ie Glenn Beck. LMAO LOL LOL LOL