What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 21, 2008

The Pundit Show

So far Sue's the only one who's commented on this past weekend's "Pittsburgh Pundits" show. She wrote:
Actually, the conversation was thoughtful and the lone Republican was a very good sport (and very, very smart). I could listen to Chris Potter and Tony Norman agree with each other all evening. It would be great if they added a woman for the November performance. I nominate Maria from 2 PJs.
Me, too.

Sue saves her best for the Gab-ster:
The most magnificent moment from the entire evening was Gab Bonesso's performance. I love her to pieces and think she's hysterical and edgy and brilliant.
This is Gab.

In this picture she was glaring at something Tony Norman (described by John Brabender as a "militant" African-American during the show) said. This is Tony:

"Militant" is not the word I'd use to describe my friend Tony. African-American, certainly. Militant? Not so much.

John McIntire hosted Tony and the above mentioned John Brabender. Alt-media wonk Chris Potter of the City Paper rounded out the panel. The comedy before the discussion was good (Sorry Gab, the set went better than you think it did) and the discussion itself was freewheeling.

Let's hope there's another one soon.


Sherry said...

wish i could have seen it. i've seen tony norman on tv and spoke to him once on the radio. i think he's bright and funny and seems nice.can't ask for more.

Sue said...

Sherry -- Tony is an awesome guy who makes all his fans feel like friends. It is a gift not too many share. Saturday, I sat at our table while Ledcat tripped off to the ladies room. Ten minutes later, I went looking for her and found her deep in conversation with Tony. ha.

David -- back me up that Maria should be part of the next panel. They need a woman. With opinions. And sharp wit.

Sherry said...

i think maria should!

John K. said...

John K: Limbaugh says SNL ran an incest joke about Palin's husband and their kids. Is this what you left wing kooks think of conservatives?

Sherry said...

contrary to dittoheads like you and the lemming- like followers of the republican party,we don't only share 1 brain.

in other simplier words(especially for you)

we don't all think alike.

Gab Bonesso said...

Well, if Limbaugh said it then it must be true! I think the next panel should be ALL women! Maria, Sue, Ms. Mon and PittGirl. (Despite the fact that Ms. Mon is PittGirl. You know it's true...) What do yinz think?

jaywillie said...

Yes, John, it is.

It's one of our theories on the lack of grey matter between your(conservatives) ears.

No offense, John, but I thought you knew we didn't think much of either you or other conservatives.

I'm so sorry you had to find out this way.

Sue said...

I think she is, too.

jaywillie said...

Here's a new one from Rush(courtesy of Matt Yglesias): Barack Obama "he has not one shred of African-American blood."

Wow...it's hard to tell when Rush is off or on the drugs.

John K. said...

John K: No Gab, it was an SNL skit. Check the tapes. LOL LOL LOL You and your toilet humour. Shows exactly where the left has spent most of their lives and now where their brains reside. Gab, you can use that in your next skit. The drunks will think it is funny. LOL LOL

John K. said...

John K: Sorry to disappoint you Jaywillie, actually I am not but I try to be polite, but that African comment comes from The LA Times and Al Sharpton. LOL LOL LMAO You ought to check sources Jaywillie or at least get someone from the left who can read to do it for you.

Gab Bonesso said...

I like that John K. spells humor with a "u". It makes him seem like Austin Powers. I don't really consider myself to be a "toilet humorist". An abortion humorist, yes... Not so much toilet. Thanks for reading though!

John K. said...

John K: The drunks consider you to be a toilet humourist. And they seem to make up most of the audience. Gab, you also the blog spelling Nazi? It would fit.

Ol' Froth said...

Hmmmm...Tony's arms are crossed!! THAT'S what makes him militant!