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October 6, 2008

John McCain And The Keating Five

From Talking Points Memo:
For weeks, many of you have been asking me, why haven't the Democrats been bringing up McCain's history as a member of the Keating Five? Especially since it ties so clearly into today's financial crisis, his wife's company's ties to Keating and his history of supporting lax banking and finance industry regulation? When is the Obama campaign going to bring this up, I keep hearing.

Well, I think you've got your answer.
The link is to a site called "Keating Economics: John McCain and the Making of a Financial Crisis."

The documentary at that site is set to go LIVE today at noon, eastern time.


John K. said...

John K: This is good that you bring up the Keating 5. Makes reminding Left wing kooks about Ayers and Dorn that much easier. LMAO LOL LOL

Maria said...

Actually, McCain had Palin go there first. The Keating 5 stuff is in response.

cathcatz said...

it's about damned time! i find it extremely relevant right now, given the state of the us economy, and the type of corruption that got us here. do we really want another one of them, in charge of what's left?

kimber45 said...

Is it really the same, johnk?

William Ayers sat on the board of a charitable trust that worked to improve Chicago public schools. Obama was on that board, as were Republican civic leaders.

Obama has condemned Ayers' words and deeds.

Twice, John McCain met with Keating, who had business before the Senate, as the saying goes. "A lapse in judgement."

(Hell, I want to know what McCain was doing sharing a private plane with a lobbyist who had business before the Senate much more recently. Because the lobbyist was a woman, all he had to do was deny that he was having an affair, and the press lost interest. But, again, there was McCain, the Maverick, personally taking something of value from a lobbyist.

Which would you say was more representative of character in a public official?

jaywillie said...

The Keating Five is very relevant; it ties directly in to what's happening with the economy today.

Clyde Wynant said...

Maverick is McCain's brand, but not reality. He likes the idea of being a wild west, go-it-alone type...but he's always been ready to take money when it was offered, directly (campaign contributions) or indirectly (airline tickets, gifts...)

Also, McCain probably developed this image because he is such a cantankerous buffoon that no one wanted to work with him; essentially he became a lone wolf by default, not by his deeds or actions.


IsleOracle said...

I'm sure that if there is ANY way to nail McCane with the Keating scandle the demos would have done it by now.

Since he survived all their attempts we are only left to assume that he is innocent.

On the other hand, Zero-bama announced his run for the presidency at Ayer's house.

The organization that got Zero-bama involved in "community organization" is the ACORN group.
Check them out on your fact finder.

Zero-bama and the demo's caused this economic flame out. The demo party should be abolished and all elected officials recalled.

A Tax Payer holding the bill.

kimber45 said...

Umm, Oracle,.......

In the 1990's, an Illinois State Senator of long service announced her retirement at Ayers' home. The Democratic candidate, Barrack Obama, announced that he was running to fill her seat at the same time, and in the same place.

At least you could take the time to get your smears straight, couldn't you?

John K. said...

John K: Don't foget Tony Rezko. I got to tell you, compared to the Keating 5, those Hussein Obama are some group of nutjobs. But then Hussein Obama threw all of them under the bus. Hey that Ayers guy, it was in his living room that Hussein Obama launched his political campaign. LMAO

John K. said...

John K: You left wingers are amusing. Here is a guy, Ayers and his live in moll, Dorn, who bombed US citizens, killing a few, and you defend him. No wonder you hate the fact that we have Bin Laden on the run. Its your love of terrorists as pillars of society that gives you away. LOL

kimber45 said...


First of all, nobody here is defending William Ayers. What I want to know is you can possibly say with a straight face that he is, or ever was, "pals" with Sen. Obama.

About Ayers, though, you say:

" Ayers and his live in moll, Dorn, who bombed US citizens, killing a few,. . . ."

Back that up with a source, or admit that you're full of shit.

Infinonymous said...

Bin Laden on the run?

After seven years?

Do I sense another "Mission Accomplished" declaration?

Republicans were much more tolerable when they were competent.

KGC said...

Maria.. You said: "Actually, McCain had Palin go there first. The Keating 5 stuff is in response."

I seem to recall some "news" over the weekend about Obama's campaign saying the website in particular would go "Live" on Monday... that "news" occurred well before Palin's and McCain's speeches today.

I could be wrong, but.. just in case I'm not.. Nice try, please pick up your consolation prize at the rear door.

Oh.. and another thing.. 4 of the Keating 5 were Democrats. Thanks for playing.

kimber45 said...


Palin made her comments about Obama and Ayers being "pals" on Saturday, in Colorado. Today was just a continuation of the attack.

And, yes, 4 of the Keating 5 were Democrats...But John McCain is the only one still in office, and the only one running for president as a "maverick" outsider.

Thanks for playing, right back atcha.

jaywillie said...

McCain was so innocent in the Keating Five scandal that the Senate admonished him for ethics violations.

The facts are the facts - John McCain was bought and paid for by Charles Keating to persuade regulators to look the other way on what Lincoln S&L was up to.

John McCain helped facilitate that, just like the policies he supports helped facilitate the current mess.

Isleoracle is completely wrong - Obama did not announce his Presidential bid from Ayers house. But if we're going to accuse everyone who has associated with Ayers as being terrorists, I suppose it's time to call out the Republican governor of South Carolina who once sat on the board of a university Ayers worked at.

And KGC, get your head out of your ass - Palin went nasty on Saturday, proving what a despicable, no-nothing hack she is.

Let's just step for a second and assess the desperation of John McCain and his loser supporters like John K., KGC and Isleoracle:

Things are going so well for you that you're only chance to win is to convince people Obama is a terrorist.

Sorry, but that's fucking pathetic. I guess conservatives realy don't have anything to offer the country(big surprise).

Right now our little winger friends are about as hard as when they think Sarah Palin is winking at them, but, sadly, Ayers, Rezko, Wright - OLD FUCKING NEWS.

Everyone's heard it - and there was nothing there in the primaries, there was nothing there when McCain originally launched these attacks at the end of summer and there's nothing there now.

If our little winger friends actually think this will help them win, well, Nov. 5th is going to be a wake-up call for them.

So, bring it on.

Rezko? Talk about it until you're blue in the face - because there's nothing there.

Ayers? Go for it, because there's nothing there, unless you fools really want to make the leap that an 8 year old Obama was involved w/ Ayers(otherwise you're going to have to explain what terrorist activities of Ayers Obama was involved with - btw Ayers was never convicted of any terrorists acts, so good luck with that)

Wright? Been there, done that.

Now, we could talke about the insane racists, like Richard Quinn or George Wallace Jr., who McCain not only supports but helps raise money for.

We could talk about G. Gordon Liddy, who once advised his listeners on how to kill a Federal agent.

We could talk about McCain's vote against legislation to protect abortion clinic workers from the terrorist pro-life movement that deeply believes it's ok to kill people.

We could talk about Todd Palin and his membership in the extremist Alaska Independence Party that calls for seceding from the Union.

We could talk about Sarah Palin's crazy Witch Doctor, Rev. Muthee.

We could talk about John McCain giving the North Vietnemese information; a lot of his fellow POWs at the Hanoi Hilton still aren't very happy about that.

We could talk about how John McCain abandoned his first wife, Carol, because she was no longer pretty enough.

We could talk about John McCain assualting an older woman in a wheelchair, exchaning punches with Rep. Rick Renzi and mouthing off to just about every other senator he's ever served with.

We could talk about the secrets John McCain is hiding about his health.

But I think Americans will be more interested to hear that John McCain wants to cut Medicare and Medicaid, that John McCain wants to tax your health care benefits, that John McCain wants to cut taxes for millionaires and corporations but not Middle Class families.

jaywillie said...

And if I might caution our little winger Brownshirts:

We had a Palin rally were a McCain supporter shouted out to "Kill him," meaning Obama.

And today we had another McCain supporter call Obama a terrorist and John McCain said nothing.

Now, heaven forbid some deranged winger lunatic takes the Republican Party's insane rhetoric seriously, but should they, the Republican Party will have a lot to explain and a lot to pay for.

Check your violent rhetoric, wingers, before you guys let this get out of hand and something happens that can't be taken back.