What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 28, 2008

McCain Camp Responds to Letter from Burgess about "B" Hoax

From The Busman's Holiday, here's McCain campaign spokesman Jeff Sadosky:
"The liberal blog post that the councilman cites has no basis in fact, the McCain campaign had no role in this incident. We hope the young woman involved in the incident gets the help that she needs, it's disappointing that Pittsburgh law enforcement time and resources were wasted by her false allegations."
You can read Councilman Burgess' letter here.

Bob Mayo has loads more on this at his blog.


John K. said...

John K: No, the McCain camp had no play in this incident. Perhaps Burgess also wants an apology from the Hussein Obama camp for the Halloween display in N. Hollywood. You know the one with Palin being hung from a tree with a noose. What? Olbermlouth didn't tell you about that. LOL LOL LMAO

Maria said...

Actually, Olbermann not only told about it, he made the guy who did it his Worst Person in the World.

John K. said...

John K: Off message here but it points out the hypocrisy of the left. Dan Rooney, the guy who gave Hussein Obama a steeler shirt, well he wants to close the deal on the sale of the team before the end of the year to avoid the coming Capital Gains increases imposed on such sales by Hussein Obama. His buddy. LOL LOL LMAO LMAO So Montgomery Burns, ie Dan Rooney, is as honest as he is old. LMAO

John K. said...

John K: What!  You mean O'Reilly got to skip a day as the worst person in the world?  Well heck if that guy was the worst person in the world then no need for apologizing eh?  That should take care of it.  Although, I didn't hear Rev. Burgess echo the same sentiment.  In fact, I didn't hear Rev. Burgess say anything about that window in Port Vue.  Did I miss that also? 

jaywillie said...

Um, John, you're confusing Wayne Huizenga, owner of the Dolphins, who has said he would sell his team if Obama was elected, with Dan Rooney, who IS NOT trying to sell the team but restructuring the Rooney families' ownership stake since the league changed its rules on certain aspects that would affect the Rooneys' holdings in other areas(like horseracing, for example).

And Burgess should apologize to the McCain campaign as soon as the McCain campaign explains HOW it got details of the story BEFORE the police had issued a report to the public.

Maybe you'd like to take a crack at that one, John:

How do you know something before the thing you know has been made known to you, unless you didn't already know it the first place?

And the correct answer on the "brick" is, "I'm sorry that John McCain and Sarah Palin thought they could win this election by running a racist campaign. I'm sorry that Sarah Palin and John McCain chose to use racially tinged rhetoric that not only incited their supporters but has likely led to increased tensions that have resulted in blowback against their campaign. I'm sorry I don't support a party of ideas, but, rather, one that will stoop to exploiting rascism to win an election."

Unlike you, John, when we see something like the display in N. Hollywood, we call it out, like Olbermann did - because it's wrong. The same as the brick through the window of the McCain office. Can you cite one shred of evidence that any Democrat has condoned that?

Honestly, John, we're either effete liberal snobs or violent communist thugs - make-up your mind!

What you won't hear is equivocation, like so many Republicans have done when all of this ugliness started emanating from Palin rallies. You won't hear us make lame excuses, like you use, such as, "But they do it to!!!" You won't hear us parse words, a favorite of Heir's and KGC's, who seem to just not be able to bring themselves to speak out AGAINST racism.

Like the party you support, you are a great equivocator, John. You don't hold clearly defined morals; you have morals of convenience that suit your purposes.

If you were actually a moral person, John, you wouldn't need Burgess to apologize for a brick he didn't throw for you to acknowledge the wrongness of Todd's actions.

EdHeath said...

You know, after the Ashley Todd affair, there is reason to question whether the McCain campaign broke it's own window, in Port Vue.

Infinonymous said...

The story of how that photograph reached Drudge and other publishers will emerge. I expect it to brand (at least some in the) the McCain campaign as liars and worse.

Clyde Wynant said...

Here's a Drudge local connection that not everyone might know about. Scott Baker, the former anchorman at WTAE is the lead guy on Breitbart.tv (a daily webcast originating in Pgh) and his co-anchor is a former Santorum staffer. Their bios are here:


If you don't know, Andrew Breitbart is the money behind the Drudge Report. You can look it up...

So....whenever you see a Pittsburgh angle on a Drudge story, there is always the chance that these guys were somehow involved.


Joshua said...

Huizenga (aka the Garbageman. It's a double-entendre, because he first made his money in garbage and now spends it on garbage players and coaches) is an ass and responsible for all the troubles the Dolphins have had since he bought the team from the Robbies. It would be just like him to sell his remaining share of the team (he already sold off 49% of it) to El Rushbo. If that happens, then I'm turning in my card as a Dolfan (I'm originally from South Florida) and pray for the Fins to lose and lose miserably, just so El Rushbo loses all the money he would invest. I would even try to convince my dad (he's been a Dolfan since the team's inception) to do the same.