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October 25, 2008

The P-G Gets Spanked

By Mediamatters.org:
Summary: Reporting on a rally Gov. Sarah Palin held in Pennsylvania, the
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette quoted an audience member saying of Sen. Barack Obama:
"Tell him to go back to Indonesia. Tell him to show his birth certificate." The
Post-Gazette did not note that the charge that Obama has not released a valid
U.S. birth certificate has been widely debunked.
Here's the P-G article. They probably should have mentioned that the story's been debunked. I mean it's the truth and everything.

Here's the debunking from the wingnut World Net Daily:

However, FactChecker.org says it obtained Obama's actual birth certificate and that the document was indeed real. The site discredited some of the claims of Internet bloggers, such as that the certificate as viewed in a scanned copy released by Obama's campaign lacked a raised seal. FactChecker.org also established that many of the alleged flaws in the document noted by bloggers were caused by the scanning of the document.

A separate WND investigation into Obama's birth certificate utilizing forgery experts also found the document to be authentic. The investigation also revealed methods used by some of the bloggers to determine the document was fake involved forgeries, in that a few bloggers added text and images to the certificate scan that weren't originally there. [emphasis added]

I could have posted the debunking from Politifact or even Mediamatters itself, but it's just so much fun writing that World Net Daily, a news/commentary source now claiming that Senator Obama was once a member of a "socialist" political party, is on record saying that Obama's birth certificate is "authentic."

But there's a bonus in the mediamatters coverage:
According to a Nexis* and post-gazette.com search, the Post-Gazette previously wrote one article mentioning Obama's birth certificate. A July 20 article -- which compiled local blog postings -- quoted a Pittsburgh blog noting that, contrary to a Pittsburgh radio host's claim, the Obama campaign has posted his birth certificate on his website.
Here's the July 20 article. And the text:

As if Barack Obama didn't have enough PR trouble thanks to the New Yorker, Two Political Junkies reported calling into Mike Pintek's "Night Talk" show the other day to address yet another "Obama smear."

"The smear?

"Obama won't release his birth certificate. Only the birth certificate would prove that he was born in the United States. The (not-so) hidden implication is that Sen. Obama isn't born in the United States and so therefore ineligible to be president.

"When I called into the show to let them know that Pintek was mistaken, I was told that he was aware of the controversy surrounding the certificate and that parts were 'whited out.'

"Guess what? The campaign has posted the birth certificate" at fightthesmears.com.

Hey, that was ME!


John K. said...

John K: But Hussein Obama still had his pal Odinga arrest Corsi in Kenya. Now Corsi was headed for Mombassa to check out the hospital's records for one Hussein Obama. Now why would he have been arrested at gunpoint? Hmmmmm. You left wingers did a better job examining Joe the Plumber than you ever did examing Hussein Obama's birth certificate or his association with known terrorist Ayers.

Rastamick61 said...

wow does john k read any other blogs or just hover over thos one ? I had a beef with the PPG when i read its headline as i visited my inlaws whose phone machine was taking calls from Lynn Swann to come support Pappy in a parking lot somewhere !! This paper is fox new for the bottom of the chinchilla cage at our house !!

kimber45 said...

Dennis Roddy wrote that article, I believe. I'll admit that I was a little surprised that he just took down amd included quotes from the crowd without comment.....But, to be honest, on thinking about it, he was there to report on the crowd. I wish that he had given some background on the comments as published, but, journalistically, I don't know that there's anything wrong with this.

On a side note: I was appalled that the Beaver HS football coach, there in the Beaver HS stadium, endorsed a political candidate, with his team present. (Their uniform jerseys can be seen in the photo.)

Beaver went out last night and lost a game with playoff implications last night.....Perhaps if they had a normal Thursday practice, without distractions, they would have played better.

EdHeath said...

Fortunately the World Net Daily evidently did a good job of explaining "Hussein Obama"'s American birth certificate. Or are you once again claiming *I* am saying something, instead of the linked source. And I still say that the Kenyan’s were perfectly within their rights to arrest some guy who showed up trying to create an international incident, embarrass a Kenyan citizen and probably buy a fake birth certificate with Obama’s name on it.

Are Sidney McCain and Heath Palin going to bring Ashley Todd in as the press secretary? She is practiced in speaking to the media.

jaywillie said...

Correction, John: It's "Sam the unlicensed Republican plumber who would receive a tax cut under Senator Obama's plan since he only makes $45,000 a year" now.

Doesn't Corsi write for World Nut Daily? So, even his own employer has debunked the birth certificate!

Wingers...what a joke!

KGC said...

Kimber.. please stick to something you know about.. say, cooking, knitting or cleaning... or getting me another beer from the 'fridge.

First, the Beaver football coach can endorse anyone he damn well pleases. The event took place AFTER school hours.

Second, the players were not required to attend. If you'd taken the time to either attend (LMAO) or watch on kdka.com (which I did, btw), you would have seen that there were a number of football players, but not enough to be EVERY player on the team.. plus, I believe there were only about 5 cheerleeaders. The squad is much larger.

Third, Beaver still qualifies for the playoffs and doesn't miss the playoffs as you seem to imply.

My nephew was one of the football players.. those who participated got to meet and shake hands with the Palins.

My 19-yo daughter attended.. she has been jazzed over Sarah Palin since the announcement and was jazzed about the event. My daughter is a true Conservative.. at 19. Aaaaaaaahh.. sweetness, beauty and brains.

Finally, I applaud Palin for going into a Democrat choke-hold such as Beaver County. I seriously doubt that many Democrats in Beaver County, when the they go into the voting booth, will actually vote for "The One"... lots of Joe the Plumber types.

kimber45 said...


Kerry barely took Beaver County, in 2004.

Thursday's are traditionally "practice under the lights" here, thanks. Put it any way you like....It was a disruption, and a distraction.

Yes, Beaver still made the playoffs. But they ended up in 4th place, instead of 3rd.

I'll assume that your "stick to what you know" comments have to do with my screen name. As a good McCain supporter, I'm surprised that you don't know what a Kimber 45 is.

KGC said...

kimber 45..

My apologies re: "kimber". No, I did not know. I'm man enough enough to admit when I'm wrong. However, I'm not much of a gun afficiando (sp?), although I believe STRONGLY in the 2nd Amendment.

Infinonymous said...

Is that 19-year-old conservative

(a) convinced that the invasion of Iraq was a grotesque mistake?

(b) holding her signed enlistment contract?


(c) a chickenhawk content to let others die in a vain attempt to vindicate her discredited ideology?

If it's the first, I salute her.

If it's the second, I salute her.

If it's the third, I hope she becomes a better person after escaping the gravitional pull of her upbringing.

KGC said...

So, you're saying unless my daughter is against the war and she doesn't enlist, then she's not worthy?

I believe you can be for the invasion of Iraq and not be under any pressure to enlist. Most of my family spent quite some time in the military, for your information. I believe I'd had this sparring with you in the past so.. just 'eff off. My guess is that you're some malcontent peacenik..

My daughter is very headstrong, wants to own her own business and doesn't like the huge amount of taxes that my wife and pay to support the dregs of society... those that only cry "Waaaahhhhh. Where's mine?"

kimber45 said...

Amusing that KGC's daughter doesn't like taxes going to support others, yet she's all for Gov. Palin.

Alaskans, after all, pay an average of $6,000 per capita in Federal taxes, but receive an average of $12,000 in Federal outlays, per capita.

Then, of course, there's the windfall profits tax that takes income from the oil companies up there, and redistributes it to the tune of $3000 per household.

She's quite the socialist, that Sarah Palin.

Infinonymous said...

Your daughter appears to be a chickenhawk. Hawk on the talk, chicken on the walk.

Whether her family features veterans is irrelevant. Honor, courage and morality are personal attributes -- if a person possesses them, that is. No relying on mommy or daddy or Uncle Joe.

C.H. said...

Its so nice how the so-called "antiwar" movement goes straight for the children of those they disagree with.

Let's get one thing straight...Iraq is NOT a political issue. Every American should be proud of the progress that has been attained over there, regardless of how you feel about going in the first place. If you can't accept the fact that Iraq is on the verge of defeating the forces of terrorism for pathetic political reasons, then shame on you.

Supporting the Iraqi people and our troops and not enlisting in the military is perfectly fine. I work for a global volunteer agency, but I don't expect everyone who supports relief for people in impoverished and war-torn areas of the world to sign up.

"Chickenhawks" who support our efforts in Iraq are helping the Iraqi people far, far more than any of you who deny that progress has been made over there, or exploit the violence carried out by the scourge of this world terrorists for the sake of making Bush look bad.

We all have a role to play in making this world a better place to live.

John K. said...

John K: I see the left will never understands the message of Joe the Plumber. And they still attack people in the military. Hussein Obama's idea of a military is free labor free of unions who do the bidding of left leaning politicians, like clean up Girty's run for free, and provide meals on wheels. The odd mind of the left is just plain amusing to watch.

mcslagslag said...

Since we're woefully off-topic...

Can someone please tell me again what Iraq had to do with 9/11? Can someone please tell me what happened to all those WMD's that Dubya and his gang all "knew" were there? Can someone please tell me again about the "connection" between Iraq and al-qaida?

No matter how well the military is doing in Iraq, we were STILL lied to to get into that war. All the death, suffering and destruction that followed Bush's decision to go to war is on his (and his supporter's) hands.

The fact that violence is down doesn't change the crimes committed by this administration.

kimber45 said...

I appologize for my part in hijacking this thread and taking it off topic, but, I can't let this go:


Would you like to provide a quote that supports your "attack people in the military" claim?

The rest is complete bull, too, of course, but, I'll keep it simple:

Support your claim of "attack(s) on people in the military."

Bram Reichbaum said...

C.H. says, "If you can't accept the fact that Iraq is on the verge of defeating the forces of terrorism for pathetic political reasons, then shame on you."

With respect, there are nonpolitical reasons to be bearish on Iraq rather than bullish. The Administration never answered the "Then What" question. We surged more troops in, we changed our tactical strategy, and we got violence under control. NOW WHAT? Can we sustain this level of troop involvement and activity? Or are we still relying on faith in the healing power of democracy? While we have a winnable -- and more sensibly defined -- war going on another front?

John K. said...

John K: KImber, once again, and did you think we had forgotten. Gen. Betrayus. Murtha..they are all murdereres and killers. Durbin...Are troops are Nazis. Olbermouth..Bush has created a military of murders and killers. All comments endorsed by this blog. LMAO Man are you just plain old stupid Kimber, just stupid.

John K. said...

John K: The left hates the military and the common man. Their view of the military is as free labor, without union pressures the left has to cater to, designed to perform tasks the regular civilian community disdains. And as meals on wheels. Their hatred of the common man has been displayed in how they treat Joe the Plumber and Palin. Here is a group of elitist, running a party, that claims to endorse common views, that has done nothing for common folks other than throw them under the bus. Shame on you left wing kooks. Shame on you. And then it is defended by people like Kimber who has short term memory loss compensated for by a rewrite of history. A rewrite designed to support whatever view she holds on a given day. Shame.

Maria said...

Even the troops in Iraq aren't buying your line of bull:

Troops Deployed Abroad Give 6:1 to Obama

Explain that away!

kimber45 said...


I haven't forgotten.

As far as Gen Petraeus: You're serious? Questioning the brass is the same as "attacking the military?"

Give me the exact quote where John Murtha said that "they are all murdereres and killers." Jack Murtha was commenting on a specific incident, in which unarmed civilians were killed by US troops. And, while investigators did find that the troops actions were within the "rules of engagement," storming a house and arbitrarily killing everyone inside, including women and children, would seem, at best, immoral as hell, wouldn't you say?

I'd also really love to see the quote in which Durbin said "...[sic]Are troops are Nazis."

He did say that Guantanamo was a concentration camp. I think that you'll agree that it was created to hold a particular group of people, "enemy combatants." To "concentrate" them. And, while the Nazis made the term infamous, "concentration camps" existed before the Nazis came along.

As far as your allegation about Olberman, again, come up with a quotation.

Or, just admit that you're a liar.

Oh, and, where did you serve?

C.H. said...

McCain recieves overwhelming support in US military poll...by a 3-1 margin

Check it out

kimber45 said...

" The newspaper group said the results of its voluntary 2008 election poll "are not representative of the opinions of the miltiary as a whole," but a survey of older, more senior ranking service members who are less ethnically diverse than the armed forces as a whole."

CH- It wasn't a scientific poll.

C.H. said...

Seems about right...Bush took a similar number of military votes back in '04.

kimber45 said...

Sure "Bush took similar numbers back in '04."

But this isn't '04, is it?