What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 21, 2008

This is how sick it's getting

A dead bear cub was dumped at Western Carolina University campus in North Carolina draped in Obama signs.

Just how deranged do you have to be to come up with something like this?

What is the message that you're trying to convey?

Story here.


John K. said...

John K: Oh I don't know, about as sick as the left wing destroying a person's reputation and family with lies just to win political office. Ask Olbermouth, he is a master of this.

Justin said...


How about some sources, bucko?

jaywillie said...

Right, John K. Whereas conservatives just slime and smear children like they did to Graeme Frost.

Your hypocrisy is noted.

kimber45 said...

I find it typical that johnk never says that any, and I mean any, conservative attack is too extreme, and should be condemned or even criticized as such.

His only response is to say "The libruls are worse!", no matter how obscure or non-existent his source.

And, of course, nothing anyone, whether Sen. Obama, or johnk's generic "leftist," can say is enough to keep us from being "pals" with William Ayers, or faithful followers of anything Rev. Wright says.

I wonder sometimes, if johnk is even old enough to vote.

John K. said...

John K: No Jaywillie, conservatives support children. Remember, Jaywillie, it is your man, Hussein Obama, who supports leaving a child to die in a trash can if they are the result of a late term abortion that results in a live birth. After all, Hussein Obama does not want people stuck with a mistake. LOL LOL You lose hypocrite.

John K. said...

John K: LOL LOL MSNBC did not play the entire Biden tape that suggested that Hussein Obama will be tested within 6 months of him taking office and that he knows of at least 6 scenarios. MSNBC only played the part that said Hussein Obama had a spine of steel. LOL LOL Limbaugh forced MSNBC to play the entire tape. LOL LOL LOL Hypocrites.

jaywillie said...

Graeme Frost, John K. - he was the kid that spoke out on S-Chip and wingers like yourself slimed the hell out of him.

Honestly, that you can come on here and admonish people for "destroying a person's reputation and family" just goest to show what a ham-fisted hypocrite you are, or have you not repeated, time and again, numerous slanders against Obama to which you have never provided any proof? Or Hillary? Or Bill Clinton? Or John Kerry, Al Gore, Max Cleland, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid?

Have you forgotten all the people that the rightwing slimes, John K.?

Have you forgotten how the right lives vicariously through their hatred of liberals and Democrats and their fellow citizens?

And let's take the latest example: Colin Powell, a man admired by millions of Americans, from across the political spectrum. Look at how the right has reacted to his endorsement of Obama - he only did it because he's black, what does Colin Powell know any way or Colin Powell owes everything to Republicans. We've heard some variation of those themes from numerous wngers.

And then you bring up the "Obama kills babies" nonsense, I suppose just to prove that you are a viscious, backbiting hypocrite.

So, let's just dismiss this right now, because this is another instance where John K. just doesn't understand how the world works: I want you to find me one single doctor or one single nurse that would murder a baby that survived an abortion and deny that child care; find one single hospital in this country that would kill a baby that survived an abortion.

Nevermind that Illinois already had a law on the books dealing with this; nevermind that no hospital or doctor or nurse, who takes their careers seriously, would ever participate in such activity. I grew up with a family devoted to working in healthcare, John K. At some point, know what the fuck you're talking about.

Of course, you're "pro-life" position is just another example of the right's glaring hypocrisy.

Tell me, John, when Republicans controlled all three branches of the government, why didn't they move to address abortion? They did absolutely NOTHING and values voters like yourself bought the ticket, took the ride and have been duped the whole time.

Values voters like you, John, are like a Yo-Yo - Republicans just jerk you around when they need your vote; Republicans only care about abortion when they can smear a Democrat as a "baby killer" or gay marriage when they can use it to divide people. There was never any impetus for Republicans to tackle abortion or prayer in school or any of the social values issues they've jerked you and the Religious Right around with for decades - because if they did ever do something about these issues, they would have you to jerk around any more.

And it's nice to know that for conservatives, being pro-life stops at birth.

Have you ever heard of the Seamless Garment, John K.? It's a principle in Catholicism that to be truly pro-life, one cannot simply oppose abortion - one must oppose the death penalty, support workers' rights and improved labor conditions, support health care for children and the elderly, etc. That's called being principled.

And so what if Biden said that, John. Do you have a point to make or are you just going to keep saying it like there's substance there?

Too bad more Americans regard Obama as a stronger leader who is better prepared to deal with a crisis because of his temperment.

Too bad you nominated a first-rate asshole.

jaywillie said...

And since wingers don't smear by-standers to the campaigns, I guess all the hate directed toward Obama's grandmother(who broke her hip) on rightwing sites isn't actually happening today, is it?

Attacking the mans' grandmother because she broke her hip? Do your ilk have no consideration for how serious an injury that is for a person as old as Obama's grandmother?

The rightwing in this country is simply deranged.