What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 30, 2008

Jack Kelly Sunday

We just got back from New England. Not sure I can write up Jack column.

BTW, the pizza in Southern Connecticut is simply the best.

Especially with Foxon Park sodas.


Matt H said...

The Kelly article this week was surprisingly decent.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Simply put: Now I'm officially troubled by the Obama transition.

Sherry said...

you want some of the best pizza around here? there's a little pizza shop called THE UPPER CRUST
on dorseyville road close to the intersection of harts run.

i am a pizza fanatic and outside of my own, this is the best.

(no, i do not know the owners, john k.)

John K. said...

John K: Only a lefty goes to New England and doesn't eat the clam chowder. Instead he eats the same stuff you can get on the southside.

cathcatz said...

best pizza in pittsburgh? fiori's in brookline. hands down.

although, they did just sell to a new owner!

if they change ANYTHING, i'm going to scream!!!