What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 11, 2008

NOV 15th: Pittsburgh Prop. 8 Protest 

Protests against the shameful passing of Proposition 8 have sprung up all over California and now there's a grassroots effort to have a national day of protest.

People from all over the nation will gather to protest at their City Halls on Saturday, November 15th.

Pittsburgh's location is:

City-County Building
414 Grant Street, #911
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Schenley Plaza (pending permit for rally)
The Plaza is in the Pittsburgh borough of Oakland,
about 4 miles east of downtown Pittsburgh.
It is situated between the Carnegie Museums
and Library and the University of Pittsburgh
Hillman Library. The address is 4100 Forbes Avenue.

Saturday, November 15, 1:30 PM

The website organizing the protest is http://jointheimpact.com and the direct link to protest locations is here.

.... BE THERE! ....



Heir to the Throne said...

Can I show up with a "Men deserve reproductive right too" sign.
To protest the double standard that If a woman gets pregnant and does not want to have the baby, she can have a abortion. But if the woman keeps the baby the man has to support the baby.

Maria said...


Just as soon as you get pregnant, I will support your right to have an abortion or to decide to keep the baby and to have the impregnator help to support the baby. Fair is fair after all!

Heir to the Throne said...

To use a progressive argument.
That is discrimination on basis of sex.

John K. said...

John K: Yep, what you can't win at the ballot box you will steal thru mob rule. YOU LOST! They had a vote and you lost. LOL LOL LMAO But then democracy only works when liberals win. LMAO Hypocrites.

Maria said...

OK, I support your right to have an abortion right now.

John K. said...

John K: Olbermouth doesn't vote. LOL LOL He says it is so he doesn't have a horse in the race. LMAO Hey, Dayvoe, get your left wingers to follow suit. LOL

John K. said...

John K: Maria's argument is totally one sided. It is totally biased in favor of the woman. As if they and they alone control all reproduction. Which is really what feminazis want in the first place. But that aside, if Maria actually believed what arguments she is making, then she would also make the argument that the woman has no right to go to court to seek 18 years of payments for a decision she made alone. I mean, if Maria is making the case that only women get to decide on the abortion issue and it is their body, then why are they running to court to demand 18 years of payments from the men?

Dave said...

Can I show up with a "Men deserve reproductive right too" sign.

Sure...and while you're at it, make sure you dress appropriately

Matt H said...

I don't support this rally at all. Marriage should be between a man and a woman. Civil unions are OK though.

Maria said...

Marriage as a civil institution (and it is) confers all kinds of benefits that civil unions do not. The California statute does not in any way, shape or form force religious institutions to religiously marry anyone.

Anonymous said...


Interesting. You lament the idea that "If the woman keeps the baby, the man has to support the baby." If men get the "reproductive right" that you propose: Would they be able to force the woman that they've knocked-up to abort children that the father didn't want to support? Or, should the fathers just be able to avoid child support? (As all too many do, anyway.)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Heir and John K. -

Keep talkin' boys, because you're showing everyone why your side is out of power right now.

"I mean, if Maria is making the case that only women get to decide on the abortion issue and it is their body, then why are they running to court to demand 18 years of payments from the men?"

I mean, frankly, guys, don't you think you sound a tad bit pathetic, or real fucking pathetic?

What your saying is, that conservatives have suddenly said "Fuck no" to family values and father's shouldn't be responsible for their children.

Is it starting to sink in as to what has happened to you guys, because you don't even believe your own bullshit any more. It's reached the point where you folks(conservatives/Republicans) don't believe in anything but being AGAINST something.

You to clowns can't honestly think that the argument your make is valid or sound, do you?

I guess if you wanted to come across sounding like a couple of complete fucking idiots, well, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, my friends.

I mean, this stupid shit you're spewing is more hysterical than it is in any way a cogent thought realized by a functioning adult.

John K. said...

John K: Like I said YOU LOST at the ballot box. Which means the majority of Californians do not want this. Which also means squat to left wing liberals. A vote is only necessary if it supports left wing causes. Other than that, do what left wingers always do, riot. What a bunch of hypocrites.

Mermanda said...

Hey! Check the join the impact web site. The Pittsburgh location has been changed. It is now set for Schenley Plaza, Oakland.

See you there!

Maria said...



I fixed it.