What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 15, 2008

Obama Mosaic

Find the full-sized poster here.


John K. said...

John K: Limbaugh was right. You have turned this guy into a god. He is also right in that liberals, in the absence of God will create a person to fulfill that need. No wonder emperors in the BCE era were able to convince the people they were gods. Hussein Obama did this in the modern era.

John K. said...

John K: Santorum's vote and that of his wife count. Hussein Obama only took that district by two, count 'em two votes. LMAO LMAO You left wingers and your vile (Vecchiio) don't win squat. LOL LOL This is so funny. LMAO

mcslagslag said...

Obama won. McCain lost.

The Democrats won. The Republicans lost.

Get over it.

EdHeath said...

If two votes in Penn Hills for Obama (or was it Virginia, as it properly should be) constitutes a win for you, then you are showing just how pathetic you (and by extension Limbaugh and Quinn really are). By the way, were you trying to say "BC", or is there something called Before Carmen Electra"?

Joshua said...

So, has Marilyn Monroe been turned into a "golden god"? Because I've seen plenty of mosaics of her.

Mike said...

The last person was the people reacted to like this was Ronald Reagan and that was really just by the Republicans.

Seeing the reaction around the world to Barack Obama was suprising.

I think the Republicans should take note that the Bushes or even the beloved Ronald Reagan never ever got this kind of reaction.

jaywillie said...

John K.

It's a fucking picture, dude. Get a grip! Honestly, if little things like this get you worked up, you need a lot of help.

And your analysis of BCE era emperors is just...well, seriously lacking but really revealing a complete lack on your part to comprehend much of anything.

It wasn't so much that emperors and kings "convinced" people that they were "gods" but that they actually believed they were either gods or descended from divinity.

Did you never study British history? Or the Roman emperors? This is very basic stuff and yet you(well, Limbaugh because it seems you're not actually capable of thinking for yourself) has somehow tied this to liberals...that's simply astonishing for the pure lack of comprehension alone.

Of course, conservatives don't do this sort of thing, do they?

Oh wait...that's right - the deification of Ronald Reagan.

When you stopped worhsipping a dead President's corpse, John K., you can open your mouth on this subject.

jaywillie said...

And, John K., why should anyone care what a drug-addled sycophant like Rush Limbaugh has to say?

Do you frequently take advice from drug-addled sex-tourists?

Does it get you off to listen to a grown man who snorts oxycontin and then goes cruising the Caribbean islands for little boys to sleep with, because we all know that this is what Rush Limbaugh's extracurricular activities involve?

Does Rush Limbaugh get you off, John? Is that what does it for you, fantasizing about a Rush Limbaugh-John K.- Sean Hannity Sandwich?

John K. said...

John K: Oh I don't know. You left wingers forget, but I didn't, that Hussien Obama, the man-god, sold cocaine to help out with college expenses. And then of course we have the alcoholism of Matthews and Olbermouth to name a few. LMAO LMAO

John K. said...

John K: Actually Joshua, the left did try to turn Monroe into a goddess. The song Elton John used for Princess Di was orginally written by him to do exactly that to Monroe. But then Di got Elton John more publicity. So yes Joshua, the left did in fact attempt to turn Monroe into a goddess. When you have no religion, you left wingers try to invent one using ordinary people.

jaywillie said...

Wow! John K., that's some pretty insane shit your spewing!

Nice, great big lie about Obama.

A couple of lies about Matthews and Olbermann. (nice try, kiddo, but Limbaugh's got the arrest record - you're just slandering Olbermann and Matthews).

And the left tried to turn Marilyn Monroe into a goddess???

Does that mean we've made Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and TR gods because we've carved there faces into the side of a mountain?

And what about the right's deification of Reagan?

You cannot possibly believe something so fucking stupid and pointless, can you?

Good God, man, get a grip.