What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 17, 2008

Obama: No Gitmo, No Torture, Will Start Drawing Down Troops in Iraq

Obama on 60 Minutes last night:



Heir to the Throne said...

I saw part of the interview and laughed at this steaming pile of BS.
[Kroft] Did you seriously consider sending the girls to public school?

You know, we’re still in the process of figuring out that transition and what we have asked people to understand is that the decision that we make will be based on the best interests of the girls. We haven’t made that decision yet. We want that to be a personal process, and people have been really good about respecting that.

Shorter version: STFU and don't question your betters because it is our private lives.

EdHeath said...

In other words, Heir, you agree with Obama's Iraq policy 100 percent? Since that’s what the post is about.

But you, and John K. and KGC, would be cackling and laughing when President Obama's children were kidnapped and killed, because the conservative agenda is to make innocent children suffer and die. Because we all saw the videos of people at McCain/Palin rallies threatening Obama, as a terrorist, because we all read the letters to the paper equating the election of Obama with the biggest disasters in American history, because we have seen the blog comments by anonymous commenters about the coming Obama apocalypse. Unless you want to make the case that Obama's children are scheming little communists, already indoctrinated in the ways of the party, and deserve what their fate.

The Secret Service is going to have input on the subject. If the daughters can’t be protected in a public school, then they will not be going to a public school. I realize conservatives will howl and hoot over that, but then very few conservatives (McCain being an exception) allowed their children to join the military, for example, to fight in the war they advocated and championed. Don’t tell us about who acts as though they are better than us, we have had eight years of it. The smartest guys in the room went out and sold mortgages and home loans to people with high school degrees, they lied out right to ordinary people and told them payments would not go up, that they were getting a fixed rate, and then the smartest guys in the room sold off the loans and ran to the Caribbean with their commissions and profits, never to be seen again. While the rest of us sink into George W Bush’s unregulated mess. And you’re calling the Obama’s elitists.

Bram Reichbaum said...

"I think that it is important to stamp out Al-Qaeda once and for all." That on top of No Gitmo, No Torture, Will Start Drawing Down Troops in Iraq".

I didn't trust 60 minutes would get to any news during that interview. I was wrong.

KGC said...


I highly resent your statement. One part of me didn't even want to give you the satisfication of a reply. I suspect, by replying, you will now be cackling and laughing because you've riled me up.. but, I'm not riled because I'll be able to weather the storm.

I oppose obama because I disagree vehemently with his proposed policies. If you'd like a discussion of policy differences, then I'll discuss with you. It appears, however, you want to slam me in a slanderous manner.

I can disagree and work to blunt or avoid some of those policies if they actually come to fruition by contacting my Congresscritter, and/or donating money and/or time to voice my opinion.

Oh, I suppose you and your liberal buddies have conveniently forgotten the "Kill Bush" articles and book(s), as well as the venom caricatures posted on this particular Website.

I thought you obamabots would be in 7th Heaven now that The One has been elected. Hehehe.. you're still angry.

Finally, if you knew anything about the financial services firms, you'd know that MOST of the Senior Executives in those Wall Street firms are/were... ta-da.. Democrats!! ...who support obama! Your own kind screwing the people. Whoda thunk it?

Again, if you want to discuss issue, I'd be happy to. I will not get in a peeing match..

Have a nice day.

Joshua said...

Link or STFU, KFCC (ha, I just made a Drawn Together joke!).

KGC said...

Link what?

jaywillie said...

Puh-lease, KGC.

You talk issues SOOO much on this site. You hardly ever display your paranoid winger delusions, like blaming Obama and the media for the economy.

And you're a business executive??? And you have the nerve to question others financial knowledge when you make some absurd statement like the one above, which is one you made the other day in another thread?

It's nice to see that you're still an equivocating conservative whiner...I hate to break your heart, but there was not a "Kill Bush" movement. There was a single film made about a hypothetical assassination, that was actually even opposed by most people on the left.

All this time I've thought that conservatives were clear-eyed moralists; apparently, "They do it too" is about as deep as that morality goes.

You can't have it both ways, KGC. And feigning insult is really unbecoming of a grown person.

But if you need your memory refreshed, KGC, I'll be glad to run down just a brief history of the violence of the right.

Of course, we have Timothy McVeigh, hero to winger viginlantes, whose rightwing hatred for our government is probably only matched by this country's worse enemies. Frankly, I'm not sure who hates our government more - conservatives or terrorists. It's pretty hard to tell the difference these days.

There is, of course, the right's support for fanatical cults, like David Koresh and many LDS sects where young woman are molested by older men.

There are the numerous individuals who have died because of the fanaticism of the pro-life movment.

And there is the violent rhetoric everyone heard at the Palin/McCain rallies.

You own anger, KGC. You, John K., Heir...the Angry Paranoid Right. Or have you already forgotten some of your comments leading up to the election?

Bram Reichbaum said...

"I thought you obamabots would be in 7th Heaven now that The One has been elected. Hehehe.. you're still angry."

I'll just add that no ... the election of our guy merits a huge sigh of relief, but no 7th Heaven. We're still a little aghast at the mess we're inheriting.

Just wait until the trickle of info out of Cheney's offices starts ... it could take years to sort out whatever booby traps and sleeper cells he's set up to frustrate those trying to get to the bottom of anything.

EdHeath said...

Well, I see your point, KGC, I lumped you in with Heir and John K., and I would apologize ... except that you have a tendency to lump me (and others) together as well, even as you complain about being lumped in with other conservative commenters. "you and your liberal buddies ", "you obamabots"?

I comment on this blog; I don't choose all or even any of the material that's posted here. I don't always agree with the material chosen to be posted, but I understand the feelings behind the material chosen and I criticize the people who run this blog selectively. I don’t particularly agree with the “kill Bush” articles, but I am willing to let others criticize those things.

If you had said that you resented being grouped with Heir and JK because you thought what Heir wrote was in bad taste or wrong, I would apologize. Instead you just want to criticize Democrats more. So since you apparently do agree with Heir that the Secret Service should have no say in where Obama’s children go to school, and that if they are not placed in the most public situation possible, that then the Obama’s prove they are snobs and actually hate the poor, then I am going to group you with Heir. I mean, quite apart from your rhetoric (or mine), there is the reality that Obama is the first black President, that his election has lifted the spirits of many African Americans in this country, and that his election has angered some otherwise very crazy people. So the Secret Service is going to want to be very careful with Obama and his family. But people like Heir are putting pressure on Obama to expose not only himself but his children to extreme risk. And you, KGC, are not stepping up to say that is wrong. I would apologize, KGC, but …

jaywillie said...

Ed -

Don't apologize for lumping KGC in with Heir and John K.

That's exactly where he belongs - trust me.

He's an angry, paranoid winger.

benmlv@earthlink.net said...

Obama is Socialist and Biden is plain stupid. Our country is now officially screwed.