What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 20, 2008

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

1) Notice who isn't shaking any hands and who isn't offered any hands to shake at the G20 Summit.

"CNN's Rick Sanchez aptly says that Bush looks like "the most unpopular kid in high school that nobody liked."

2) From the Washington Post:
He has returned to where he did not wish to return. Back to walking the spotted white marble corridors of the Russell Senate Office Building. Back to Room 241, which says "Senator John McCain -- Arizona" on the door, and where a trickle of people stroll in on this morning in hopes of getting his pre-autographed photo and to inquire about obtaining tickets for Barack Obama's inauguration. Others stare. He has perfected his own middle-distance stare and the curt nod of someone coping. [Emphasis added]



Clyde Wynant said...

Well, let's say this first; this isn't what I remember as a "news story," with the faux "anchor person" injecting their snarky little comment. But I'm just a curmedgeon wistfully remembering that "old skool" business of actually reporting the news....

What's really sad, however, is that Bush is such a creep himself, clearly making a point NOT to reach out to anyone, like a sullen NFL player who hides under a towel after he's screwed up. Of course, in his case, the nation tanked. For the player, they what, didn't convert on third down?

But his Yalie brat character comes through loud and clear; if you wanna a beer with this guy, be ready to pay for it yourself and to drive the slobbering shit home when he get wasted....

Is it Inauguration Day yet?

John K. said...

John K: Actually on this issue, Bush had already shaken the hands of those folks. That part was left off camera. Once again, the left opens the door right into their own face. LMAO Left wing kooks, dumber than dirt.