What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 25, 2008

Retire Bush

The Nation is running a contest:

The details:
Send us your answer, disingenuous or otherwise, in 25 words (more or less). The winner will be chosen by a panel of fair-minded judges (Victor Navasky, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Richard Lingeman). First Prize is an original drawing, based on your entry, by famed New Yorker artist Edward Sorel.
The deadline for submissions is December 31 and the winner will be announced January 12.

Here's Sorel's:
After leaving office ex-President Bush reportedly will head the American Red Cross where he will push for "vast forward-looking measures" dedicated to "helping future disaster victims help themselves" such as swimming and lifesaving classes for residents of low-lying regions.
And mine:
After leaving office ex-President Bush reportedly will be given an endowed chair at Regent University where he'll be teaching a seminar in "Good Government." The course is expected to focus on the limits of executive power, secrecy, and overal proper respect for the Bill of Rights.


John K. said...

John K: Bush should teach a course in good government. He restored diginity to the oval office and ran a scandal free administration.

EdHeath said...

It would be interesting to see, based on a random national poll, what percentage of people agree with John K.'s assessment.

dayvoe said...

Bush scandal free?


How about these to begin with?

USAttorney Firings
Iraq War

Then there's

Walter Reed
Harriet Myers
The PDB...

Anyone with any more?

John K. said...

John : Considering that in the previous admin the oval office was turned into a love nest for the President, protected by Secret Service guards. Most of his cabinet was indicted for something. The guy was impeached. Franklin Raines, a Clinton crony and employee, destroyed the banking industry in this country. And of course we can't forget the 700 FBI files that somehow showed up in the White House office. So who hired Craig Livingstone? Yah, this President is qualified to teach a course on good govt and integrity.

John K. said...

John K: And we must not forget that Bubba fired all US attorneys because he wanted to remove the one that was focusing on his White water dealings. Oh yah, and of course Hillary making up absolute lies to remove the White House Travel Office employees. LOL LOL And wait, there's more. LMAO

EdHeath said...

It would be interesting to see, based on a random national poll, what percentage of people agree with John K.'s assessment of former President Clinton.

Oh wait … from the Wikipedia entry on Bill Clinton “Clinton left office with an approval rating at 65%, the highest end of office rating of any President since World War II”.

I guess people might want Bill Clinton to teach a course on good government after all, at least more than they would want George W. Bush.. After all, Bush is responsible for thousands of deaths and trillions of dollars washed away in Katrina, the burst housing bubble and the stock market crash so far.

So, any sources for your accusations (besides the love nest and impeached thing). Filegate and Craig Livingstone? “The matter was investigated by the Whitewater Independent Counsel, who found in 2000 that there was no criminal activity by anyone in the matter,[7] and that there was no credible evidence that senior White House figures or the First Lady had requested the files or had acted improperly or testified improperly regarding Livingstone's hiring.[7]”. Franklin Raines – yes, not a good guy, responsible for the accounting scandal at Fannie Mae and some problems with limited subprime mortgage buying, but “destroyed the banking industry in this country”? - “Purchasing of subprime and alt-A mortgages expanded exponentially under the guidance of Raines's successor Daniel H. Mudd.[17][18]”. And I haven’t got a source for your accusation about the US Attorney firings because they are too silly. Try again, Homer. Try finding some real sources (get off your lazy ass).

jaywillie said...

John is clearly still not over his hatred of former President Clinton. Dude, get a life.

For anyone to say that Bush has been a model of integrity and good government is really beyond the pale. It is perhaps the most incredulous statement possible to make about the sitting President.

To believe it, as John K. seems to, only indicates just how out of touch Republicans/conservatives are.

That after 8 years they can say that Bush did a good job really tells you all you need to know about why Republicans/conservatives on the edge of political irrelevancy.

John, if you want to talk about what happened a decade ago, go for it.

I think the rest of the country is interested in moving forward. Perhaps if Republicans/conservatives had recognized this they may not have been so thoroughly routed in the last two elections(especially this last one - the Presidential win was really just a nail in the coffin of modern conservatism. It wasn't even close).

And, Dayvoe, courtesy of Hugh's List of Bush Scandals(apparently, if you were to print it out, it would be about 60 feet long). Here are a few you haven't listed:

Afganistan(leaving before the job was done)
Iran saber rattling
North Korea(mishandling nuclear issue)
Failure to capture bin Laden
Civilian contractors in Iraq
Military Commission Act(torture, indefinite detention, kangaroo courts and loss of habeaus corpus)
NSA warrantless wiretapping
SWIFT(international money transfers)
Black sites and rendition
K-Street lobbyists(think Jack Abramoff)
Dusty Foggo(#3 at CIA)
Duke Cunningham(see Jack Abramoff)
Tom Delay
Mark Foley
Cheney Energy Task Force(concealing info regarding it)
Tax cuts for the richest of the rich
Global Warming denial/stalling
Terry Schiavo
Medicare Part D
Doug Feith(stovepiping Iraq Intel)
2000 Election(stealing)
2004 Election(vote rigging)
9/11 Commission limitation and manipulation
Doctrine of Preventive War
Loss of US prestige
Inaction on Isreali/Palestinian conflict
Alberto Gonzalez
FDA(restricting research and mission)
Porter Goss @ CIA
Militarization of intelligence
Signing Statements
Unilateral Executive
Abuse of National Guard
Breaking the Army
Increasing trade deficit
Grassley Bankruptcy bill
Anti-immigration raids
Rove's security clearance
Dubai Ports Deal
Patriot Act and its extension
David Safavian
Claude Allen
Armstrong Williams
Net neutrality/media ownership
Sago Mining disaster(non-enforcement of mining regulations)
Harriet Miers
Vetoing stem cell research
Clear Skies/Healthy Forests act
Jeff Gannon
Native American trust funds
False military reporting(Pat Tillman, Jessica Lynch)
Detainee Court cases
Subprime mortgage bubble
Opening US mail
Bush's ties to Enron
Russian loose nukes(inaction)
phone-jamming in NH
Steven Griles(Abramoff's man at Interior)
FBI national security letters
voter fraud to suppress minority voters
Swiftboating John Kerry
No Child Left Behind
Susan Dudley
Paul Wolfowitz
White House email on RNC servers
Watch lists
Bernie Kerik
Cheney shoots his friend in the face
Chemical restraints used on undocumented workers
Downing Street Memo
fake FEMA news conference

In total, Hugh lists 396 Bush scandals.