What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 21, 2008

Sarah Palin: What A Turkey!

Former vice presidential Republican nominee Gov. Sarah Palin did the traditional, cutesy pardoning of a turkey for Thanksgiving yesterday.

First, the turkey was pretty filthy and she declined to hold it and while she read the proclamation in the turkey pen it got a little noisy (and, honestly, a Pittsburgh City Council staffer could have written a less leaden proclamation). Then things took a turn for the truly bizarre.

After the pardoning ceremony, she was interviewed by KTUU channel 2 Anchorage -- fine and dandy -- except that the interview was conducted right in front of some guy slaughtering turkeys.

Eeeeew! You can watch the turkey fighting for it's life behind her.

At one point the interviewer asks her about budget items that might be "on the chopping block." (OK, that was pretty funny.)

At another point Palin looks back and laughs.

While watching it on MSNBC I kept thinking things like:
Doesn't she have advance people? ...A PR person? Couldn't a staff person have stopped the interview?? Someone needs to be fired over this!
But, according to MSNBC (as reported here by E&P):
...a Palin aide later explained that she had signed off on the backdrop. "No worries," Palin advised.

Is there nothing that Palin can't screw up?

This is a woman without a single clue.

No clue.


MSNBC pixeled out the turkey's death kicks, but here's the uncensored video:

Next Up: Sarah Palin's heartwarming Christmas Eve interview -- where she hunts down, kills and field-dresses Rudolph.



Mike said...

I don't remember Governors pardoning turkeys, or was I just not paying attention.

It was also funning seeing the guy being very nervious about the whole thing.

Maria said...

I thought the turkey pardon bit was just presidential, but I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt on that -- who knows what they do in other states.

But this morning on MSNBC they said it was the KTUU camera person who aksed her if she wanted to move and she said, "no worries." I was wondering if the station was playing gotcha with her, but they apparently weren't.

Joshua said...

Evidently not a kosher slaughter, otherwise the turkey would have been dead in 2 seconds flat.

Maria said...

Yeah, it was like they stuck the turkey's head in a giant pencil sharpener.

John K. said...

John K: So you left wingers live in such insular worlds that you think the Turkey comes from a factory prepackaged? Hamburgers are grown in gardens? Liberals Sheesh.

John K. said...

John K: This thopught occurred to me. No wonder the left favors abortion. They have no idea of the human slaughter that occurs behind the scenes. Left wingers will whine over a Turkey being slaughterd and rejoice and brag about the number of abortions occurring. Kooks should be ashamed.

Clyde Wynant said...

John K; This may be the one and only time I sort of, kind of agree with you.

Nobody, on either side of the fence, wants to know how those shiny plastic packages in the meat counter actually get there!

But what people are responding to here is that this graphic slaughter was juxtaposed against Ms. Palin's continued witless palaver....and her apparent lack of understanding of how this could be interpreted. For whether slaughter occurs or not isn't the issue; the issue is whether you want to see it on the evening news....

Of course, you support this I guess, but you totally back the Bush Administrations embargo on showing the coffins of dead American soldiers. Yea, that would be too graphic.....


Heir to the Throne said...

Someone needs to be fired over this!
Showing turkeys getting killed on TV or saying "nappy headed hos" on the radio, those are firing offenses.
Helen Jones-Kelley authorizing illegal searching of government databases for dirt on someone who embarrassed the great progressive icon that is not a firing offense.

jaywillie said...

Dear wingers,

Haven't you embarassed yourselves enough? Was Nov. 4th not enough for you?

The turkey video is a matter of basic public relations. It just looks bad and stupid; kind of like the entire Republican Party.

John K. said...

John K: No, I think the left has no idea of where food comes from. Palin lives in the real world. She is no different from Joe the Plumber and knows exactly how a turkey is killed. Just as she knows how a baby is killed. Liberals like Maria live in insular worlds, protected by people who actually do real work and produce things. Like cutting wood, which comes from trees, for houses and furniture and killing chickens, which we eat. LMAO.

Maria said...

I was going to do some long response about irony and basic PR but I'm just going with this comment made at Juan Cole:

“You wouldn’t do a Mother’s Day interview in front of two people f*cking and defend it by saying ‘Where do you think babies come from?’”


John K. said...

John K: last post by Maria made no sense. I do think feminists have no idea of where babies come from. After all, when they do abortions they never refer to them as human beings. Just some medical term. Lefties are just so funny.

Clyde Wynant said...

JK -

The sad part of this is that you might actually believe Sarah Palin "lives in the real world." Having kicked around with my share of actual, elected officials, I can tell you this; very few of them live in anything that even vaguely resembles the real world. And I know you'll think it's partisan, but the GOP are the worst of the bunch, 'cause they mostly come from families of power and influence to begin with....

Your desire to stand up for the "right" no matter how wrong they are is just idiotic.

To extend Maria's comment, would you be OK with witless Sarah taking press questions while someone killed and gutted a steer behind her?

For people who have actually done this (have you?) killing and dressing an animal is actually a sobering experience, and not something that anyone takes lightly....

But, in the end, the point is that Sarah Palin is a minor celebrity, who would still be chasing and shooting wolves from a helicopter if John McCain hadn't ruined his slim chances at the WH, by plucking her out of the north woods. If she is the best the GOP has to offer, it is no wonder that your entire party is adrift and flailing.....

EdHeath said...

I can't believe John K. has the nerve to say someone else's post makes no sense.

jaywillie said...

John -

Maria's comment makes perfect sense. If you can't understand it, it's a reflection of you, my friend.

And, honestly, do you think all the people that work in food processing are Republicans, John?

I don't. I think their hardworking, blue collar kind of people that vote Democratic, so please spare us this tired, old "liberals don't know what the real world's like."

We do. We live it every day. If you and your conservative friends did, maybe they'd still be in power.