What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 15, 2008

Scenes From Today's Pittsburgh Prop. 8 Protest in Oakland

Report, photos and video by Joy Sabl:
About 350 people at the start; about 450 by the time we returned to the starting point after walking through Oakland. Compared to other PGH area rallies, this was the best behaved (stopping for traffic lights) youngest and most upbeat, despite the downer of CA's prop 8 passing. And the only one that got so much bigger with people joining in as we went by.
Big crowd!

Great sign:

More great signs:

Sue at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents has more.


John K. said...

John K: Typical liberals, lost at the ballot box, no problem, threaten to riot and then find a liberal judge. And the left talks about every vote counts. LMAO

Christopher Hixson said...

I've posted a nice roundup of local media coverage here.

Burgher Jon said...

John K, if I had a nickel for every republican who has bitched and moaned at me over the last two weeks and told me to put my money under the mattress because we elected "the terrorist", I wouldn't be worried about the recession.

Also, interestingly, I happened to be in San Francisco walking along fisherman's wharf on Saturday when we passed a preacher with a microphone. My girlfriend and I stopped to cross the street when, I kid you not, the SF Prop 8 parade, came walking along THROUGH the traffic in front of us. A little melee quickly ensued between the gay rights activists and the preacher's group. It was one of those "experience San Francisco" moments that you can't plan with a guide book. By the end of the prop 8 parade, there were at leas 1,000 people.

I may write a post on the experience, but I'm waiting for the film to develop.

Austin Cline said...

I've posted a gallery of photos of the protest.

If you recognize anyone in any of the photos, feel free to send them the link.