What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 8, 2008

Something To Think About

From Sandy (via Crooksandliars):

How BIG was Obama's victory? As it now stands, with North Carolina upping his total to 364, he could've spotted McCain New York and California and still won with 8 to spare. Let that sink in for a minute; a suntanned big city liberal Democrat named Barack Hussein Obama has won the presidency and did not need the New York and California electoral votes to do it.

Can you say wow?


EdHeath said...

You know, I still think maybe the biggest job of a President is as the cheer leader in chief. In that vein, I think Hillary Clinton would have been very good, probably great, for the job. She has faced people who said that she only achieved things because of her husband all her life, until she hit the Senate and proved that she had been standing on her own all along. She is a tough, smart lady, and I think it is a shame she is not likely to make it to the top office.

That said (and meant), I think about a Politico article about Obama's days as the editor of the Law Review. He apparently had the trick of saying things to a crowd (of students among the smartest in the world) that made you think he agreed with your point of view. That's not that tough to do face to face, but to a crowd? If he can pull something like that off to Congress, and to the American people, he may well accomplish great things. But I would settle for getting the assault weapon ban put back in place, for getting some infrastructure work accomplished (including and perhaps most important, improvements to the electric grid to accommodate coming demand from first plug in hybrids and later full electric vehicles) and some version of universal or at least expanded healthcare passed. So barrack Obama was not among those I would have predicted for the first African American President. But he may turn out to be even more that just a first, he may turn out to be one of our “right man in the right time” Presidents.

John K. said...

John K: No tax increases, staying the course in Iraq. A few more positions like this and I could get behind this Obama fellow. LOL

John K. said...

John K: I am really LMAO. Hussein Obama promised campaign workers prepaid $30 visa cards and then after the election reneged. LOL LOL All the workers had to do was canvass for Obama. They did. He didn't pay the workers but promised to do so. LMAO You left wingers are dopes. Flat out dopes. LOL

Anonymous said...

Those workers were late hires at the Indianapolis office. The problems seem to have been ironed out, not that johnk has any interest in accuracy.

But, ....They should give that office bonuses. GW took Indiana by 20 points in 2004. Obama won it in 2008. Those folks clearly did their jobs well!!!

Oh, and, johnk,...I never caught your answer:


m dachshund said...

Don't forget the one delegate from Nebraska: 365.

Anonymous said...

Poor John K.

I'm not sure if I should laugh at your meager attempts to attack us or feel bad for you because you're so empty and shallow.

At least it's clear that the Paranoid Right will revert to its old form and attack Obama every day for the next four years. I guess that's to be expected when conservatives have nothing to offer the country.

Just a bit of advice, John K., but all of these paranoid rantings about Obama - what are you going to do when these things don't come to pass? What are you going to do when the Fairness Doctrine isn't restored? What are you going to do when Obama cuts taxes for the middle class?

Considering the electoral ass-whooping you're party just took, my advice for conservatives is to shut the hell up and regroup. You folks have major problems with your party and, as a party, is simply not in a position to go up against Obama yet.

He just cleaned your clock; he's entering office with the first legitimate mandate since Clinton. His election was a transformational election on par with 1980. It was in no way a validation of conservative ideology - it was a flat-out rejection of it.

The Republican Party has been repudiated, John K. This wasn't a close election like 2000 or 2004.

Becoming more conservative is NOT going to make the Republican party more competitive in the Northeast, Midwest and West.

Republicans partly lost because of people like you, John. People like you became the face of the Republican Party. You're no different than the paranoid bigots everyone saw waiting in line for Palin/McCain rallies - and those people turned A LOT of people off from the Republican Party.

And today, that's what people see when they think of the Republican party.

That and George W. Bush.

So the two major associations with today's Republican Party is ignorance and incompetence(no wonder Republicans love Sarah Palin so much - she's the epitome of both).

Your side tried to win this year by dividing the country. But unlike 2000 and 2004, America said, "No thanks."

Republicans are a reactionary religious Southern Party mostly comprised of older, white voters. Unless you change that, Republicans are going to be in the minority for a while.

Joshua said...

Fellow junkies, you're gonna LOVE this audio clip. I first heard it on the Bang Cartoon Radio Hour (a podcast that uses the NFL as its personal piƱata):

John K. said...

John K: Obama promised those workes $30 pre paid vida cards and then reneged. The mob got mad and then Obama said he would pay them. Once again, Obama will come thru only after he gets caught.

John K. said...

John K: This is great. Hussein Obama is dismantling the Clinton camp. Those Clinton people have no loyalty. They jumped right over to Hussein Obama when they had the chance. Poor Bubba, what is he going to do now. And all the Hillary people have deserted the ship. You Clinton supporters got took. But then, Democrats are dopes. And now what is Bubba going to do? Go to Europe and the mid east and keep his face in front of the camera by criticizing the administration. LOL LOL LOL Like I said, this is going to be fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, John, but are you trying to assert that there's something wrong with Democrats supporting a Democratic President?

So, Bush supporters should only support Bush and no one else? And the same for McCain?

Do you think?