What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 14, 2008


Five bucks.
Cabaret Theater Dahntahn

What's not to love?


John K. said...

John K: I was just curious left wingers like McIntire. Why can't we on the right make fun of Hussein Obama? You know his ears, inability to speak without a teleprompter and all that. Two standards eh?

macyapper@blogspot.com said...

You can and have been since day one.
Inability to speak without a teleprompter? Dude, that's the previous guy.
We'll in fact be making fun of Obama tonight. Come on down!
Chris Rawson of the Post Gazette says "They give good intellectual/giggle value."
10:30pm Cabaret Theater 7th St. and Penn Ave!

mcslagslag said...


I don't think you'll see "John K" at the Cabaret Theatre tonight. He's refused to answer the simple question of whether he voted in the last election and so the general consensus is that he didn't vote because he's not old enough to.

And if he's not old enough to vote, he's probably not old enough to drink.

I can't imagine his mom or dad letting him go out so late even though it's not a school night.

I'd be surprised if he had the courage to go.

jaywillie said...

John K. tried to vote, but the voting machine was smarter than him.