What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 19, 2008

"The Tyranny of Oil" Lecture & Book Signing TONIGHT

. . ANTONIA JUHASZ - Lecture & Book Signing


The Tyranny of Oil
Wednesday, November 19, 8pm - free admission
McConomy Auditorium, Carnegie Mellon University Center

Co-sponsored by Carnegie Mellon Activities Board, Demilitarize Pittsburgh, Codepink Pittsburgh, WILPF Pittsburgh and others

The hardest-hitting exposé of the oil industry in decades answers today's most pressing energy questions: Why are oil and gasoline prices rising so quickly? Where will prices go in the future? Who's really controlling those prices? How much oil is left? How far will Big Oil go to get it? And at what cost to the economy, environment, human rights, worker safety, public health, democracy, and America's place in the world?

Juhasz investigates the true state of the U.S. oil industry, uncovering its virtually unparalleled global power, its influence over our elected officials, its lack of regulatory oversight, the truth behind $150-a-barrel oil, $4.50-a-gallon gasoline, and the highest profits in corporate history. Exposing an industry that thrives on secrecy, Juhasz shows how Big Oil manages to hide its business dealings from policy makers, legislators, and most of all, consumers. She reveals exactly how Big Oil gets what it wants--through money, influence, and lies.

A "timely, blistering critique... white-hot... Explosive fuel for the raging debate on oil prices." - Kirkus Reviews



John K. said...

John K: Better, go read Eyes on the Prize by Yergin. Far more factual without all the left baised lies. But then Yergin's book has more pages. This one has some pages you can colour in with your crayons. LMAO

Heir to the Throne said...

the truth behind $150-a-barrel oil, $4.50-a-gallon gasoline
Ask the author to explain the "truth" behind current $50-a-barrel oil, $2.20-a-gallon gasoline.

KGC said...

Heir.. Keep that type of attitude and it's re-education camp for you. (Me, I'm leaving a few dates open in 2009 for my visit.)

You know it's only the truth to liberals when it fits their agenda.

Clyde Wynant said...

JKFM (figure it out...)

My guess is that you haven't even read this book and that your dimwitted, knee-jerk, uninformed response says more about you that you could possible know....

And Heir. How 'bout you? Read it yet, or just wanna spout off?

Why do you people feel this need to jump up and "protect" these massive organizations? Do you have any idea of precisely how you are being gamed by them? They laugh at you (and all of us) all the way to the bank.

I don't "hate" them, but I am man enough to understand that because of the money they deal with, and the fact that they essentially control the economies of the world (without energy, we are nothing) they must be looked at with a jaundiced eye....at all times.

Anonymous said...


You know it's only the truth for wingers when they pull it out of their ass.

In other words, your ideas stink.


Anonymous said...

Actually, KGC, from your theory posited recently that the media and Obama are responsible for the current economic mess, you don't need a re-education...

You need an education. Period. Of course, who ever said that being a business exec required having a brain? And using it?

EdHeath said...

So what is the truth, KGC? Is oil going to remain at $2 a gallon forever? Can we drill our way out of any future price spikes or prices increases? Assuming the most optimistic oil company estimates, if we start getting oil is six months from Alaska and off shore oil rigs, which will only yield a small fraction of what we consume in our unbridled greed, it will only last ten years of SUV driving. What will we tell our grandchildren, that we needed all the oil because we wanted them to live in poverty and a polluted, warmed earth? That we decided not to invest in wind or solar because we wanted them to be deprived of the lifestyle we enjoyed?

But you won’t answer, because truth to tell, you don’t want to discuss policy either. The conservatives, the supposed adults, don’t want to live like adults, they want to spend our energy like children, don’t care about the pollution or global warming.

Yergin's book sounds like it is fairly interesting (if a bit long), but it was written in '93. Events may have moved some since then. I enjoyed Oil on the Brain by Margonelli. It wasn't too complex, but she went pretty far and wide to report on the Oil industry.