What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 4, 2008


From KDKA 10 minutes ago:
Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum's right to vote in Penn Hills has been challenged -- and election officials will not count his absentee ballot (or that of his wife) until the matter is resolved, Allegheny County Elections Department director Mark Wolosik confirmed.

Erin Vecchio, chairman of the Penn Hills School Board and chair of the Penn Hills Democratic Party, says she challenged the Santorums' right to vote in Pennsylvania this morning because they really live in Virginia.
Well, don't they?


Joshua said...

Well, I guess it depends on a few things, namely where Little Ricky's voter registration is, whether he still owns that tiny house in Penn Hills, and whether he has taken advantage of VA residency. If the answers are PA, yes, and no, then unfortunately I'd have to say that his vote should be counted. If, of course, the answer to the third question is yes, then I just have two words to say...

HA HA!!!!

Heir to the Throne said...

Nice to see that the hack overpaid turnpike toll collector is still bitter.

Maybe someone should make a t-shirt about her.
It better suits Vecchio than Palin.

Maybe Rick is jumping on the new Acorn/Democrat/Obama voting standard.
Obama Staffer Registered In Three States, Voted In Two
Noticed that the IMPEACH is missing from the header now.
If the polls are right, I will be adding it to the header on my blog.

Maria said...

What a joke! I just found out a month ago that one of Lil Ricky's daughters is in the same class as one of my nephews in a Catholic school in....


They do not live in PA!

How the hell can they live in PA when the girl is enrolled in a VIRGINIA high school???

Maria said...


macyapper said...

More poetic justice.

It's morning in America.

Unless you're Crazy Grampa.




Sherry said...

i swear santorum is like fungus.

Anonymous said...


Matt H said...

Good for Erin. Slick Rick doesn't live here!