December 18, 2008


What the...heck happened to the Burgh Report?

Have they, like Pittgirl and Chad Hermann before them, taken their collective marbles and gone home?

Does this mean we have to face another week of great public weeping and gnashing of teeth over how bland and dull the Pittsburgh blogosphere will be from now on?

But it's Christmas!


Gloria said...

Not surprised, just sad. It was a very good blog & the Burgher took all the posts & the many responses with him/her.


I miss you Burgher.

Anonymous said...

I will miss that site.

But the reality is that this is going to continue to happen for a while. A few Maryland blogs died too. So did Raising Kaine down in Virginia.

Part of it is because people don't have the money to maintain servers, etc, in this economy. Part of it is because people need to spend time looking for work. Part of it is people need to cut back on expenses.

In addition, in this economy, people who have full-time work and are happy are not going to take risks of blogging. Losing a job now would be a disaster.

So that means blogs, which are generally a money-losing proposition, are going to die. Many of them. What remains will probably be more consolidated blogs with user accounts--where people can come and go as they please, and still have some built in readership.

Blogspot and wordpress blogs are the blogs of the past now. The fad has passed.

Unknown said...

This sucks. Even though I didn't always agree with the postings that was a good blog to have around.

billrott said...

Thanks John K for killing one of the better blogs. A blog is part story and part collection of the comments of the community who read it. Unfortunatly do to a few specific people, voices of the community are silenced.