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December 30, 2008

McAuliffe Brings Home the Bucks (and wants mine too)

From yesterday's Washington Post:

Now, after spending much of his adult life soliciting donations for others -- most notably, former president Bill Clinton and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) -- McAuliffe is considering using those prodigious skills and extensive contacts for himself, as a candidate for governor of Virginia. McAuliffe's potential candidacy has created what Michael Toner, a former chairman of the Federal Election Commission, calls "the perfect fundraising storm."
From my email inbox today:

Subj: Terry's Big Decision
Date: 12/30/2008 1:03:03 AM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Dear Friends,

My husband has a big decision to make, and we would like you to be a part of it.

As you may know, Terry's been contemplating a run for governor of Virginia for some time now. And over the past few weeks, he's visited every single region in the Commonwealth, initiating a conversation with fellow Virginians about the challenges facing our state. He'll make a final decision about whether to run for governor in early January.

That decision will be based in large part on what kind of enthusiasm is out there for his candidacy. And there's no better way to gauge enthusiasm for a political candidacy than by measuring how many people are willing to invest in it - even at the smallest levels.

So if you believe that Terry would make a great governor, I'm asking you to show your support by making a $5 contribution so that Terry knows where you stand.

Please Make a Contribution Before December 31st - Even as Little as $5.

http://wfc2.wiredforchange.com/o/8102/p/wfc/donation/public/?donate_page_KEY=3 6

Terry and I moved to Virginia nearly 20 years ago, and together we are raising five children here within a wonderful community of friends like you.

I know Terry better than anyone. I know first-hand about his lifelong commitment to helping all families reach the American Dream, and his determination to keep the Commonwealth that he loves on the cutting edge of innovation and job creation in tough economic times. I also know that Terry would make a great governor, but whether he pursues this path will depend in large part on you.

Please Make a Contribution Before December 31st - Even as Little as $5.



Dorothy McAuliffe

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1) Damn, am I on everyone's list?

2) How many seconds do you think it will take me to unsubscribe from this one?


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Bram Reichbaum said...

You should send them a $5 voucher to be exchanged if he decides not to run.

Laurie Mann said...
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Joshua said...

You should send him a donation of a mere penny. It would cost more to process it than it's worth. F*** him.