What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 17, 2008

More On Pintek

A few questions:

In their discussions leading up to his triumphant return to KDKA's airwaves, I wonder if the good folks AT KDKA asked Mike Pintek about this:
On The War Room With Quinn & Rose, guest host Mike Pintek opened the show by saying, "You need to know that Barack Obama is a monster and a liar who would be very much at home in Communist China, where killing babies is an industry." Pintek went on to claim that Obama "believes so firmly in abortion, he is so radical in his support for abortion and infanticide that he believes that if a woman chooses abortion, she's entitled to a dead body no matter what."
Or this (linked to from yesterday's post):
On The War Room With Quinn & Rose, guest host Mike Pintek echoed right-wing websites in questioning the authenticity of Sen. Barack Obama's birth certificate, claiming: "I still keep wondering about his birthplace and his birth certificate. I'm still not convinced that he actually was born a natural-born citizen."
Or about how Pintek thinks Global Climate Change is a hoax and is not above spinning the news (aka "lying") to "prove" it.

My understanding is that he's taking the 7-10 slot on KDKA. If that's the case then who's taking Night Talk?


Bob said...

John K. spelled backwards is Mike Pintek.

John K. said...

John K: I bet they did. KDKA knows where its market is. But even better, LOL LOL LOL LMAO They passed over Gabs and McIntire and Cullen. LMAO Those folks are still unemployed. You left wing kooks control squat.

John K. said...

John K: As a sidebar: Since Obama is using his full name, to include his middle name of Hussein at the swearing in ceremony, you left wing kooks will stop being upset at me for calling him Hussein Obama. I mean some of you got so mad at me for calling him Hussein Obama, I thought I would have to go into hiding. LOL

Bob said...

John K. has ego-itis (inflammed ego).

Bob said...

I think Dayvoe is John K.

Clyde Wynant said...

Control squat? WTF are you talking about, moron?

The reality, of course, is that right wing radio appeals to the basest instincts in the human soul; that dark dank part of the reptilian brain which responds to anything but reason or intelligence.

This is the reason that liberal talk radio doesn't work well; 'cause we don't need to be spoon fed the rancid pablum which you all find so delicious.

Of course, the funniest part of all this (and I know I'm beating a dead horse...) is that nearly all of these right wing talkers are just "doing a job." People like JK are dull-witted enough to believe that this cadre of mostly failed DJs actually believe this crap they spout, when the reality is that they just doing whatever it takes to get a rating. If murdering puppies live would push their cumes up, they do it in a second...

cathcatz said...

john k, all presidents are sworn in with their entire names. and why the hell should he be ashamed of his middle name? you keep trying to make that an issue, when it's just a name, a family name.

maybe since your name is john, and john wayne gacey's name is also john, we can assume that you are a serial killer?

i shake my head at how effin stoopid your logic can be.

John K. said...

John K: I don't know Cathcatz, is it because you left wingers got really upset with me calling him Hussein Obama. LMAO Some of you even called me Hussein John K. Which was really funny. And during the campaign, Hussein Obama's people called anyone who used the name Hussein a racist. LOL OLbermouth used to do this alot. So I ask, can I use Hussein Obama without having to worry about retaliation? A simple question for simple liberal minds.

John K. said...

John K: Hey Clyde, the liberal PG has staff cutbacks. KDKA passes over liberal radio talk hosts for a more hard core conservative than Miller. Beck's audience has increased by 50%. Limbaugh's vast audience has increased. Clyde, you liberals control squat.

John K. said...

John K: Except for Dayvoe who thinks he controls this blog. LOL

cathcatz said...

it must be too hard for you to understand that the intent behind the use of that name is what people like olberman object to. "hussein" invokes a certain and specific reaction in people like you. you don't have the ability to separate a person's name from their actions.

we rational folk know that having hussein as a middle name means nothing, and certainly does not mean than obama is another saddam.

your right wing wackos on the radio and the teevee wanted the american public to believe that it did, however, and that is why they continued to hammer it home during the campaign.

and about that control, john k... look around. last i checked, its a democrat that won the white house.


John K. said...

John K: OH I get it Cathcatz. You are like Ed Heath and assuming again. Making up your own rules. LOL LOL Speaking of control, Hussein Obama may be the first President impeached while still a President elect. Blagojevich ain't going anywhere. And talk radio controls it all.

Clyde Wynant said...

Hey JK -

Funny thing is, we now control the entire US government, pretty much....

So, if you want to consider Mike Pintek being on KD (a fading dinosaur of a station if there ever was one) as "control," then have at it.

Oh, and have a nice day :-)


Infinonymous said...

Declaring "mission accomplished" and "total victory" while enduring humiliating setbacks . . . must be a conservative thing.

No wonder they are losing so decisively.

Bob said...

johnk. where would be without this blog?

John K. said...

John K: So Infinon, how is that War in Iraq going these days? How about terrorists attacks on US soil? You still upset that we have not been attacked since 911 thanks to Bush?

Infinonymous said...

The occupation of Iraq continues to be a hideously expensive and uncertain endeavor.

The invasion of Iraq remains a discredited and intensely counterproductive failure of judgment.

The frequency of terrorism on U.S. soil after 9/11 roughly resembles the frequence of terrorism before 9/11.

The evidence therefore indicates that President Bush should be thanked for preventing attacks by terrorists about as much as he should get credit for preventing attacks by vaporizing-laser-eyed giant tigers whose mouths double as flamethrowers.

Except, of course, for the part about creating anti-American extremism by attacking the wrong country, botching the occupation, killing innumerable innocent civilians, engaging mercenaries, torturing captives, wrecking the Iraqi economy and depriving citizens of essential services, etc.

EdHeath said...

Right, just to amplify Infin's comment, Bush had warning about the 9/11 attacks a month before, and chose to ignore the warning. To claim that Democrats forced Bush to ignore the warning is past incomprehensible and straight on to very insulting to the families of people who died in the 9/11 attacks.

At this point we know that the Bush administration, including presumably the President, knew there were no WMD’s in Iraq before the President invaded. We know this because an Iraqi defector told the administration there were no WMD’s, and the administration instructed one of the intelligence services to forge a letter in this guy’s name saying exactly the opposite. So the 4200 US dead and the at least tens of thousands of Iraqi dead died in vain.

As Infin said we have ruined the country. We lost tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, much of which probably went straight to our enemies, in the early part of the occupation. We have built substandard buildings for the Iraqis, wasting that money on a grand scale. The Iraqi ministry of defense embezzled huge amounts of money, and also used other huge sums to buy substandard weapons. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers and other professionals in Iraq are dead or have fled the country following a huge wave of kidnappings. The ministry of oil won’t sell the ministry of electricity fuel to run generators, so Iraq is still experiencing blackouts. The different religious factions, which used to live together in relative peace, have now separated and were and probably will in the future try to wipe each other out.

The whole world knows we invaded Iraq on false pretenses. The world also knows we torured prisioners, and many people joined theterrorists in Iraq because of that knowledge. So our torutre led driectly to the deaths of some number of US service people. Also the world knows that the Bush administration has placed donations ahead of science in making decisions on the environment, energy and natural resources. They know the Republicans exercised no control in spending and they know that the inaction of the Bush administration caused the current worldwide recession, which may yet turn into a full fledged depression.

That’s how things in Iraq and the US have been going.