What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 20, 2009

My new favorite shirt

So a little after midnight yesterday I go online to order my new favorite shirt:

And (I hate) Citizens Bank screws it all up because they apparently completely shut down every Monday between midnight and 6:00 AM and can't verify debit card purchases and I end up with two pending orders. So I call Commonwealth Press early and leave a message fearing that I'll either get two shirts instead of one or no shirt.

And, guess what? Not only does Commonwealth Press call me back in a timely manner, they've already deleted the duplicate order. And, they actually HAND DELIVER my shirt to me the very same morning:

Talk about superior customer service! You can order this shirt (and other nifty designs) at https://www.compressmerch.com (I'm guessing the hand deliver thing only happens on the South Side where they and I reside, still...)

Now, I just have to work on finding out who makes this:


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