What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 31, 2009

Quinn Apologizes!

From January 30:

And a transcript:
But first I have a piece of business I want to do with you.

How do I start this out? Usually if I render an opinion on the air and I get howls of protests from leftists out there and they start calling me names on weblogs, then I know I've done a good job.

However, if my friends and people who love me cringe and say, "I don't believe you said that." Then I say, "Yea, but what I mean wa--" "Yea I know. But it just. The way it sounded it--"

Well, every once in a while, not very often, something like that happens. And so I have prepared a posting which will appear on the website but I want to share it with all of you right now. Because I feel that it's my responsibility to do that.

When you are on the air for as long as I have been. I suppose it's only a matter of time before you say something that cannot be adequately defended. My comments comparing welfare to slavery was one such event. The purpose of my comments was to make the point that servitude can be accomplished by pandering as well as by oppression. It was not my intention to discuss the fine points of the issue of slavery nor the moral hazards therein. However that does not excuse the fact that in making my point I treated a deadly serious issue in a manner so cavalier as to be indefensible.

While I still believe that my point was valid, the way in which it was presented was grossly inappropriate. Having seen my comments in print several times and upon further reflection I have decided that in the interest of our listeners, both fans and detractors, an apology is in order. No one has pressured or coerced me into taking this step. I have not been threatened by my company or anybody else. As a matter of fact, nobody knew about this except Rose. It is my conscience that moves me to post this. It is simply the right thing to do.

I was wrong.

Now as conservative it saddens me to see people's lives wasted by government dependence but this time the way that I expressed my feelings on the subject were poorly thought out, to say the least. And so to those of you who were offended, both friend and foe and my treasured co-host Rose I say please accept my most profound apology, you deserve better than that from me and from this show.

And this will be posted on the front page of the website later on in the day.
The website is here.

Quinn mentions seeing his words in print. So I took a look to see how far the story got. His words made it all the way to BET.com.

Adrian McCoy has the scoop.

I think it's interesting that while he said this stuff back in November 6th (just after the election, by the way) it was only after this story in the local newspaper (also by McCoy) that his conscience actually kicked in enough for him to apologize. If Adrian hadn't written the story, would we be seeing an apology now?

I wonder if he'll be apologizing to NOW (and, of course, all its members) for calling it the "National Organization of Whores."


C.H. said...

So you guys don't have anything to say about the crushing victory the Iraqi people have taken over the forces of terrorism today? Today was a defining moment in history...Iraq has suceeded.

Sherry said...

don't hold your breath waiting for him to appologize to NOW. i'm not.

the talk on radio is anything but civil, thoughtful descussion and debate .except for in a few cases like thom hartman.
rachel maddow is about the most civil on t.v.

the time for politics as buffoonish entertainment should be over now. we literally can't afford it.

FootBlogger said...

I've had many email battles with Quinn, yes, he's an egomanic. he's a buffoon, he hates gays, liberals, women, Blacks, Jews and anyone not like him. But you're missing the big picture, he says all this crap for RATINGS and Clearchannel pays him quite well to say the filth he spews. Think of his audience, who are they? Gun carrying, truck driving, God - Hates- Fags, NRA card carrying, can't think for themselves, vote straight Republican, Sean Hannity worshipping, Mega-Dittos, white trash, back woods, morons with 6th grade educations. So, he must talk to them so they can understand what he's trying to implant into their underused brains. So he has to be a hateful, mad at the world, conservative, to fuel their daily little pathetic lives. Of course in one of my last e-mails to Quinn was informing him that I would imagine with the huge amount of votes that president Obama got, that at least 20% of his listeners had to vote for the new president. I'm sure that struck a nerve. If he loses his audience, who will be there to listen? Just Rose I guess, and they can enjoy their little mutual admiration club.

Clyde Wynant said...

Yes. It's all about ratings. But right now, it's even more than that.

Quinn clearly had his feet held to the fire, for two reasons.

One, radio stations are in desperate, desperate straits at the moment. Advertising revenues have plummeted. They can't afford to have advertisers stay away, particularly if they think Quinn is alienating more than he's attracting.

But reason number two is important as well. The FCC is not going to be in the hands of the GOP any longer...and the giant broadcasting conglomerates are scared to death. They are going to try to clean house a bit and slap the knuckles of some the Quinn clones, so that they can, at least nominally, appear to have been good corporate citizens.

I don't know if we'll ever rid ourselves of these vermin, as I doubt broadcasters are going to be re-regulated anytime soon, but it will be nice to see them squirm a bit.


C.H. said...


The leader of "God hates fags" is a registered democrat.

FootBlogger said...

What's your point? There are republicans I like and there are Democrats I don't like. My point is, the "God Hates fags" mentality is rooted in the southern bible belt, heavily populated by conservatives. The type of listeners that the Rush "Oxyconton" Limbaugh, Sean "Have you killed a Democrat today?" Hannity, Jim "I wanna be like you Rush" Quinn and Billy "OPIE" Cunningham, strive on. Take those conservatives out of the equasian and their out of a job! Can't you see Hannity as a Good Humor Man if he's not on the radio or FIXED NOISE?

FootBlogger said...

Did you hear the latest? Moveon.org, one of the big enemies of The Hypocrite Quinn now advertises on his show. Yes the mighty dollar speaks volumes!