February 11, 2009

Caption Contest: Snoop Dog and Mayor Luke Luke Ravenstahl

Via Bob Mayo:

These are already taken:
  • Stop hangin' with thugs, Snoop!

  • I vomited a little in my mouth when I saw this.

  • Pictured: A silly nick-named, irresponsible, juvenile, joy-riding, handcuffed by police, ethically challenged, stranger from the truth man-child poster boy and Snoop Dog.
  • Tony Norman weighs in on the photo here.

    And, while Early Returns is "almost speechless" at all things Steelerstahl, am I the only one who caught Lil Mayor Luke on Hardball the Friday before the Super Bowl?

    Lukey got a full three minutes with Chris Mathews and managed not to get in one good word about anything about Pittsburgh other than the Steelers. But he did note that snow falls from the air.

    You can watch it here (for some damn reason I have problems embedding NBC videos).


    Vannevar said...

    My caption:

    Hey, who's the wannabe with Snoop?

    Clyde Wynant said...

    Snoop Dog shows off his latest bling.

    djhlights said...

    Ain't nothin' but a Burgh thang, baaaaabay!

    Maria said...

    My antics are making you craaaaazay!

    Taxpayers are the ones that paaaaays me!

    Unbeatable, so please dont try to beat this [hell yeah]

    Maria said...

    Chronic and Moronic

    Unknown said...


    Unknown said...

    snoop's thinking: "how'd this guy get past security?"