What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Luke!

Here's Luke in a rather iconic picture. He's defending the free golf outing he got from UPMC before the City Ethics Hearing Board a few years ago back when he was a wee 27. He was quoted as saying "This was not a gift to me. I received nothing from UPMC."

Perhaps it was a coincidence that sometime later UPMC got some sweet tax breaks.

I am sure everyone has their own favorite Luke story. From the SUV to the drunken "arrest" at Heinz Field:
"Admits to drinking with several of his friends. Becomes argumentative with a police officer. Using vulgarity towards a police officer. Led away in handcuffs," said McNeilly. "How many 25-year-old young men who have been drinking, who were just vulgar with the police and shouting at the police, would be un-handcuffed and released?"
My favorite, of course, is my own.

He was 25 when he was handcuffed at Heinz Field, 27 when UPMC bought him the golf. Now that he's, uh, 29 maybe he'll grow up a little.

Feel free to add your favorite Luke story in the comments!

Happy Birthday Mayor Ravenstahl!

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Lady Elaine said...

I like his promotion of three city police officers with DV allegations of verbal/physical abuse.

What? What? What?

"Obviously, this was a huge oversight, obviously."