What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 28, 2009

Equal Pay Day Rally

WHAT: The 2009 Equal Pay Day Rally
WHEN: TODAY! Tuesday, April 28, 2009 at Noon
WHERE: Mellon Square Park in Downtown Pittsburgh map
: The Women and Girls Foundation of Southwest Pennsylvania
RSVP: info@wgfpa.org

County to study gender wage gap:

Studies have consistently shown that women make about 20 percent less than their male peers in the workplace nationally, Ms. Arnet said, and in Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh, they make about 30 percent less.


This afternoon's rally will be an important reminder for both proponents of equal pay and for regional elected leaders, said Elizabeth Waickman of the Women & Girls Foundation.

"Ensuring fair wages means ensuring women and girls are equally valued in the work force and our region," said Ms. Waickman, an organizer of the rally. She added that Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and County Council and City Council Presidents Rich Fitzgerald and Doug Shields will be the key speakers, among others.



Heir to the Throne said...

Did my comment pointing out that more men than woman are unfairly losing their jobs in the recession get deleted?

Dayvoe said...

No - you posted it at Maria's swine flu post.