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April 20, 2009

This Just In (Part II), Progress Pittsburgh PAC Endorsments

Progress Pittsburgh PAC (P2PAC) announced their endorsements for the May 19th primary. This is the first time that P2PAC has endorsed candidates.

As they put it:
P2PAC develops, supports, and helps to elect candidates who demonstrate vision, progressive values, and electability. It considers candidates whose districts touch the City of Pittsburgh, and supports candidates that will make good, progressive leaders at higher levels of government.


These endorsements represent four races where a group of dedicated citizens can make a MAJOR impact on the race. While there are other candidates that support the progressive ideals of social and economic justice (Amanda Green, Bill Peduto, and Patrick Dowd are three who met with us that come to mind), we are confident that your money and your time will be invested wisely, should you choose to support the candidates below.
Their endorsements:
  • Natalia Rudiak, City Council District 4, http://www.nataliarudiak.com/

  • Robert Daniel Lavelle, City Council District 6, http://www.lavelleforcouncil.com/

  • Susan Banahasky, Magisterial District Judge 5-3-10, http://www.susanformagistrate.com/

  • Hugh McGough, Court of Common Pleas, http://www.mcgough4judge.com/
  • P2PAC will have a Happy Hour this Tuesday, April 21, 6-8pm, 900 Cafe & Lounge, 900 Western Ave, North Side to celebrate their endorsed candidates and to talk about how you can make a difference in these races.

    You can contribute to P2PAC here.

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