What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 27, 2009

Guess Who?


From Firedoglake:
Mike Stark has been up on the Hill all week whipping Democrats to hold fast on the public plan, and in his spare time, he decided to ask Republicans if Barack Obama was born in the United States. Not only do they not want to answer -- they run.

He asks Republicans Tom Price, Thaddeus McCotter, Jeff Fortenberry, Charles Boustany, Aaron Schock, Greg Harper, Mike Coffman and others what they think. Tim Murphy hides, looking at pens for 20 minutes to try and avoid him.

Mike and Brave New Films cameraman Brett Vauhn finally got Arizona congressman Trent Franks to admit without equivocation that Obama was born in the United States, and that his birth certificate is valid.

The video makes clear that the Republican Party is captive to their conspiracy theory-mongering base all the way up to the top.
Tim Murphy first appears about 40 seconds in.


Heir to the Throne said...

Firedoglake's Jane Hamsher knows all about running away from a question.
Like when she was asked for proof that Fox News was financing the Tea Party protests.
‘Epic Fail,’ Starring Jane Hamsher

Clyde Wynant said...

Tim, Tim, Tim. Always so eager to see your chiseled features on the tube....except when you might have to actually answer a real question!

This putz just has to go, but I doubt we can depend on a scandal of any sort. I'm guessing no one is willing to sleep with him, even for money.....