What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 30, 2009

So I Guess Quinn's A Birther

Give a listen.

Woven into his wingnut anti-Affirmative Action, Professor Gates is a racist rant, local radio embarrassment Jim Quinn drops a few hints on where he stands on President Obama's citizenship (about 45 seconds in) when he says that Gates:
[H]as got the same racial chip on his shoulder as the guy that claims to be the President.
Ladies and Gentlemen, local embarrassment Jim Quinn.


Sherry said...

he makes me cringe. he is so foolish for the money.

if only we could have some decent talk on both sides without the right wing "entertainment".

Terry said...

I wonder if Quinn even truly believes half the nonsense he shovels up. He's an old hand at this, playing a role on radio. It goes back to his Top 40 days on KQV. He saw the money Limbaugh was making, realized that his own days as a wisecracking DJ were just about done, and invented this new character for himself. He's making money with it, even though his garbage rarely gets outside the cult he's created.

Eric Williams said...

Quinn nauseates me, but it should be said that opposing affirmative action doesn't necessarily make one a wingnut (or even a racist).