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July 23, 2009

TODAY: Rally for Clean Energy, Not Coal

Sorry for posting this so late, but if you happen to be downtown today:

Rally for Clean Energy, Not Coal
Thursday at 12 p.m.
6th Avenue & William Penn Place, Pittsburgh PA

From MoveOn:

Will Arlen Specter stand up for the Clean Air Act?

The House passed an energy bill which would roll back a key provision of the Clean Air Act that limits global-warming pollution from dirty coal plants.1

Now it's the Senate's turn to write an energy bill, and we've got to stop them from making the same mistake.

So MoveOn members are gathering in Pittsburgh on Thursday at 12 p.m. to call on Sen. Specter to save the Clean Air Act and switch America to a clean energy economy.

Under President Obama, the Environmental Protection Agency has begun to take steps towards cracking down on global-warming pollution from coal plants and oil refineries.

But oil and coal lobbyists quietly snuck a provision into the House energy bill that would roll back the Clean Air Act and stop Obama's EPA from acting—so old, dirty coal plants will be let off the hook for their pollution.2

Even worse, as many as 100 new coal plants could be built in communities across the country—so instead of creating millions of new, clean energy jobs, we'll be stuck with dirty coal power for another generation.3

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