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September 29, 2009

More Wingnut Crazie

No, not JOSEPH FARAH's wingnut crazie. This time the wingnut crazie's coming from Newsmax.com.

Rest assured, we'll still post JOSEPH FARAH's wingnut crazie as often as we chose to, but that doesn't preclude posting crazie from other wingnut sources.

Newsmax, or at least John L. Perry, has posted a column there titled:
Obama Risks a Domestic Military ‘Intervention’
Though Perry is verry careful:

There is a remote, although gaining, possibility America’s military will intervene as a last resort to resolve the “Obama problem.” Don’t dismiss it as unrealistic.

America isn’t the Third World. If a military coup does occur here it will be civilized. That it has never happened doesn’t mean it wont. Describing what may be afoot is not to advocate it. [emphasis added]
BUT they go on (of course they do):
Imagine a bloodless coup to restore and defend the Constitution through an interim administration that would do the serious business of governing and defending the nation. Skilled, military-trained, nation-builders would replace accountability-challenged, radical-left commissars. Having bonded with his twin teleprompters, the president would be detailed for ceremonial speech-making.

Military intervention is what Obama’s exponentially accelerating agenda for “fundamental change” toward a Marxist state is inviting upon America. A coup is not an ideal option, but Obama’s radical ideal is not acceptable or reversible.

As John Aravosis at Americablog writes:
This is beyond the pale. If the Democrats don't step up and shut this kind of talk down right now, I fear we are going to see violence in this country. And yes, it will be the Republicans' fault. But it will also be the fault of the Democratic party for watching the crazy talk grow, and not doing a thing to stand up to it. At some point, silence abets.
Wingnut Crazie. It's everywhere.

UPDATE: Josh Marshall posts this:
The author, John L. Perry, claims not to be 'advocating', only describing what he says is already being considered and is the best option available. But give it a read and you be the judge.

And just so we're totally clear, no, I'm not expecting any military coups. This is just one more nugget to add to the backdrop list of incitement now coming from the right.
Can we add treason?

UPDATE, ANOTHER: The Perry column has been taken down.

UPDATE, AND ANOTHER From Talking Points Memo:

As noted earlier, Newsmax appears to have taken down its article endorsing a potential military coup as the only way to solve the "Obama problem". But here's the full text of the article as it originally appeared.

As noted previously, the article not only endorsed the idea but seemed to suggest that top military brass were also planning or actively considering such an option.
Late Update: Newsmax is now distancing itself from Perry's column and they've sent us a statement to that effect.

Later Update: Let me just add a little more on this. As you can see, the angle Newsmax is taking on this is to suggest that Perry doesn't really have anything to do with them, that he's just an "unpaid blogger." Now I think we all understand that there are many sites -- Kos, Redstate, even TPM -- where readers are allowed to set up their own blogs or diaries and write their own stuff. These are essentially discussion areas. And it's a cheap shot when someone finds some nutty diary on Kos and says DailyKos published such and such. Newsmax is claiming that that's what's happening here. But we've taken a close look. And I think it's clear that that is not true. Perry has written a weekly column for the site going back to at least 1999. And he's prominently listed on the bio page of all Newsmax columnists, along with Dick Morris, Dr. Laura, Grover Norquist, Lanny Davis, Michael Reagan, Rep. Ernest Istook, etc. (You can see the page we're referring to here; scroll down and look for the red arrow on the left.) We'll have more for you on this shortly.

Stay tuned.


Sherry said...

someone better step in soon. this is beyond normal politics!

Eric Williams said...

Wasn't this the plot of "Seven Days in May? Also, there a real plot like this in the 30's (to overthrow FDR) exposed by Smedley Butler.

Joshua said...

Just a quick quibble. Rebelling against one's government isn't treason, but rather sedition. Treason is when you sell out your country for a song, a la Aldrich Ames, Robert Hanssen, and Julius Rosenberg.

EdHeath said...

Conservatives imply that circumstances in America are so extreme that we are in situation much like the founding fathers were in 1776 (well, those of us who are not allied with the tyrant). Salon’s “War Room” remarked on an Arizona Congressman who describes Obama as something like the President most supportive of abortion, and “an enemy of humanity” (later amended by a spokesperson to “an enemy of unborn humanity”).

Except that Obama's tyrannical behavior has to be spoken of in the future tense. Unless you consider the stimulus plan as some form of oppression, Obama has not suspended civil rights, outlawed assembly or jailed opponents (or started indoctrination camps or an Obama Youth or anything). But Obama’s opponents have accused him of being a communist/socialist, of not being a citizen, even of ordering people to be murdered. Thomas Friedman, in his column today, likened the current situation to that which existed in Israel right before Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated. As I recall, that murder was done by a young ultra-conservative who was convinced Rabin was destroying Israel by seeking peace with the Palestinians. The opposition party in Israel did not pull the trigger, but they did question Rabin’s authority and compared him to a Nazi (probably a bigger thing there).

People were very, very mad at George Bush during his Presidency. The fact that Dick Cheney would have become President probably curbed people’s actions. But maybe also, despite the Weathermen, the merry pranksters, the Spartacus Youth League and all the other far left groups of the last 45 years, the left is not as hysterical as the right seems to be.

The Republicans used to consider themselves the party of ideas.

Clyde Wynant said...

This is playing out like the script from a 1940's MGM movie. (see "Fury" with Spencer Tracy as an antecedent and a lessen in mob mentality)

When something truly horrible happens (and the death of the census taker in the South might be it...though he's probably not "important" enough) all the GOP bigwigs will jump up and denounce teh crazies. They'll stand on the metaphorical courthouse steps, they'll lower their voices, they'll invoke God and they'll say what a damn shame it is. But, they'll all be to blame. And not one of them will pay any price for it.

It's a narrative that will play out in a sick, inevitable fashion. It's just a matter of when.