What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 21, 2009

The New McCarthyism

(h/t to AmericaBlog)


EdHeath said...

You know, the G20 summit will have its protestors, anarchists who blame Obama as much as Bush, and whom Obama wants nothing to do with. And during the protests I will write on my blog condemning property damage and police brutality alike. I have sympathy for the motives of the anarchists, and I even understand that only dramatic statements are noticed by this electronically anesthetized nation. But the property that is damaged belongs to real people, and all too often it is the real people who are also just getting by (now, if they burned down CEO’s houses in Upper Saint Clair and Sewickley, I would be entirely sympathetic). I also sympathize with the cops trying to protect the property downtown, but only as long as they remember the protestors are people, citizens with rights, and even maybe try to remember that the protestors are doing this for poor people everywhere.

I suspect I will always remember an article about the New York office of the Communist Party of America in the New York Times a few years ago. It was a two room affair in Brooklyn, maybe 500 foot in all, crammed with leaflets. The office of America’s mortal threat, in America’s biggest city, and they wanted to pass out leaflets.

I said a little while ago in another comment that conservatives want to pit the poor against one another. Since the primary beneficiaries of health care/insurance reform will be the working poor, it is a great weapon for conservatives in that effort. Bringing up reparations for slavery now that we have a black President, claiming that pointy headed intellectuals don’t want you to have the same health care they have and so they are going to kill grandma in her rest home to save them money, claiming that America has the best healthcare system in the world and that Europeans walk around on broken hips or keel over in the street from heart disease because they have to wait two years for doctor’s visits … these are inspired tactics in the war on Obama. No proof is needed, just a smug gotcha smile because the liberal on the Sunday morning talk show wasn’t prepared to defend against made up charges. Michelle Bachman calling for a full media investigation of the House and Senate, but she really means a Fox News investigation. Actually, what she really wants is for someone to tell her publicly that such an investigation would be foolish, so she can play the martyr card.

That was a great video, by the way, Maria.

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