What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 16, 2009

Oh, Maria!

Maria Bartiromo was just on MSNBC's Morning Joe. She made the claim that she wasn't talking about Medicare when she infamously asked a 44-year Congressman why, if he liked it so much, he wasn't on it. She claimed that she was talking about the insurance he did have.


Oh, Maria! You have your own TV show. Surely you know that tape (and YouTube) exists.

So, let's roll the tape:

Sorry, you're still an idiot.


EdHeath said...

I think Bartiromo intended to make the point that Congressmen have the best healthcare plan (although that point only makes sense if you are advocating for healthcare reform), and got caught up in the momentum of the discussion. I think when Weiner said "I'm not 65" Bartiromo realized her mistake.

Still, what a dingbat.

Maria said...

That's how she's trying to frame it now, but that makes no sense since she was saying if it's so great why don't you use it. If she was talking about the Congressional health care plan why would she assume that he doesn't use it? I'm sure he does. She wasn't listening or thinking: just yapping (and now making excuses and faking indignation).