What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 25, 2009

Peoples' March to the G-20 (Today! Nonviolent and permitted!)

Peoples' March to the G-20
Friday, Sept. 25 - Pittsburgh, PA
5th & Craft Avenues, Oakland
Nonviolent and permitted

•12:00 pm – 5th & Craft Avenues in Oakland: Opening Rally, then a march down Fifth Avenue to the City-County Building downtown.

•2:30pm – Rally at the City-County Building, then a march down 5th Ave, across the 7th St. bridge, to East Park on the North Side.

•4:00pm – Closing rally at East Park.

More info here.


Heir to the Throne said...

Maria remember the violent "teabaggers" who threw rock and bricks, broke windows and ran from the police.
Keep supporting the people who do the above.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Just a note of mild caution: the Merton Center march is duly permitted, but not necessarily all of the feeder marches intending to join up with it. And it's only *intended* to be peaceful, who knows for 100%.

Sherry said...

i support non-violent protests.

protesters that have no clear message and who act like fools and bratty kids made others look bad AND get most of the attention.

to me, they don't care about righting wrongs. they just like playing games.

there are far too many good reasons for protests to let a group of fools ruin the chance to show the world that there are serious people trying to make things better.

EdHeath said...

HTTT remember the tea party protesters were protesting to stop existing and future assistance to the poor. The G-20 protesters are protesting for assistance to the poor. Also, the tea party protest had their own network covering their demonstration.

That said and while I understand the perceived need to make a dramatic statement, the G-20 protesters are breaking windows while people are working inside retail establishments. Some, possibly all the windows they break could belong to franchise owners of national chains, who will receive no assistance from the corporate office. So the G-20 protesters are hurting the very type of people they say they want to help. I hope police can catch the window breakers, and fine them enough to put that right.

Dave said...

From what I've seen, most--if not all--of the violent acts are being committed by self-proclaimed "anarchists" who are essentially libertarians without jobs IMO.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Dave, all Libertarians have jobs. For starters, holding up the weight of the banner of liberty is hard work, and takes everyone.

So, it is impossible to be a libertarian without a job.

Do feel free to slander some other group with pin-headed bigoted assumptions.

Think again, essentially....

Eric Williams said...

The anarkiddies are NOT libertarians and I refuse to grant them that label if they desire it. Real anarchists respect the Principle of Nonaggression.

Dayvoe said...

Just for the record (and I am taking no sides in this discussion otherwise) I am NOT the "Dave" that commented above.

Just for the record.

Ok - I'll take ONE position regarding the window-breaking anarchists: They're complete weenies.

EdHeath said...

When I read what Dave wrote at 1:16pm, I though "he has pissed off two groups". And it appears ...

Mark Rauterkus said...

Good to know Dave is not that Dave above. :)

Have a nice weekend all.